they had been separated for a month

they had been separated for a month
they had been separated for a month

He only had time to tell the neighbors “They stabbed me”. Then Giuseppina Di Luca, 47, died on the last steps of the house. Running away from her husband who did not agree to become an ex and who turned into a killer. In a modern building in via Marconi in Agnosine, a village in the Valsabbia in the province of Brescia, it was a bloody morning. Paolo Vecchia, 52, waited for the victim on the landing of the house where she had gone to live a month ago, waiting to complete the separation paperwork. The woman had decided to say enough to the story from which two daughters of 21 and 24 were born, and he reacted with bloody violence, after he had stalked his wife several times in the last month.

Rita Amenze, killed by her ex-husband: coffee at the bar before the murder. And yesterday he came home

Brescia, killed by her ex-husband

“There are no reports,” assure the carabinieri from the Brescia provincial command. According to the reconstruction in the records, Paolo Vecchia chased Giuseppina up the stairs, knowing that she would have to go to work, and hit her with a switchblade and then with a dagger. At least a dozen blows, many lethal. The woman dragged herself to the garages where, with a faint voice, she asked for help and then died under the eyes of some residents and rescuers. The couple’s youngest daughter was at home and saw nothing. To find the victim first was a gentleman who had arrived to take his grandson. “My father saw the bloodstained stairs, then he heard moans. He got out and saw the lady on the ground in a pool of blood. »They stabbed me« he said and then he closed his eyes »says the daughter of the one who raised the alarm. The 118 operators for an hour tried to revive the 47-year-old, but there was nothing to be done. In the meantime Paolo Vecchia had already left the building and with his car went to the carabinieri in Sabbio Chiese where he was constituted and handed over the weapons used.

The interrogation

Then he closed himself in silence, and in the interrogation, and before the magistrate on duty Carlotta Bernardini, he availed himself of the right not to answer. “He was not lucid to be able to tell the facts, he didn’t even tell me” confirms the trusted lawyer Roberto Lancellotti. “He said around he wanted to make him pay, but we didn’t think he would go that far” are the words of the victim’s sister. Both worked as workers, she in an ironworks in Bione and he in one in Odolo. Vecchia was taken to prison on charges of aggravated voluntary murder, while the body of Giuseppina Di Luca is in the morgue of the civil hospitals pending the autopsy ordered by the prosecutor responsible for the investigation.

“We are talking about a normal family, both hard workers. It is not clear what could be triggered in the man’s mind. For our community it is a tremendous pain »comments the mayor of Agnosine Giorgio Bontempi. “In the village there was a rumor that they were separating, but no one would have imagined such a case. We are in shock »adds Onorio Luscia, mayor of Sabbio Chiese, a town where the couple lived under the same roof until a month ago. Until Giuseppina decided to leave. The husband tried to get her back and when he realized that the woman would not take a step back he went home with a knife and a dagger in his pocket. For those who investigate, “from the beginning his intent was to kill her.”

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