The South of Sardinia remains isolated by sea: after 70 years passenger ships stop between Cagliari and Civitavecchia. “Disaster announced”

The South of Sardinia remains isolated by sea: after 70 years passenger ships stop between Cagliari and Civitavecchia. “Disaster announced”
The South of Sardinia remains isolated by sea: after 70 years passenger ships stop between Cagliari and Civitavecchia. “Disaster announced”

We stay on the ground. From today, and for an indefinite time less than emergency measures, those who want to reach the Lazio starting from Cagliari he will no longer be able to do so. The last ship Tirrenia-Cin which connected the Sardinian capital to Civitavecchia it left at 20 on Sunday, on time contrary to the usual times of the navigation Company. What was feared happened: deals with suspended, as well as for the Arbatax-Civitavecchia connection. Only the sections of the same company remain active Olbia-Civitavecchia e Porto Torres-Genoa.

And while there is already the fear that in a month the air link, considering that Alitalia will guarantee flights only until October 14, we are starting to deal with an announced defeat. Everything goes hand in hand with what is called “territorial maritime continuity“, Which is nothing more than the tool with which the shipping company (in this case the Tirrenia Gin, of the Honored group precisely) identified by an international tender receives the state economic compensations (72 million per year which include, in addition to the connections to and from Sardinia, also those relating to Sicily) on the basis of an agreement with the Ministry of Transport, for those connections considered “unprofitable”. Those with the Sardinian capital (and with the port of the hamlet of Tortolì, in Ogliastra) are considered as such in autumn and winter. But the convention, extended several times, is expired. And if this was not a problem for the company of the Onorato group in the high season, certainly not for philanthropy but because there was affordability, the issue changed with the end of the tourist flow. In the meantime, a ban and two expressions of interest have gone deserted.

Then everyone down. For the first time in over half a century. “Seventy years, to be precise – he highlights Arnold Boeddu, general secretary of the Filt-Cgil Sardinia – All this cancels long and tiring battles carried out in order to obtain that fundamental right which is territorial continuity: the Sardinians have seen it canceled with the stop to the connections from Cagliari a Civitavecchia“. It had never happened before and the regional leader of Filt attacks the regional government: “The junta led by the president Christian Solinas gambles on the skin of the Sardinians and the excuse that, for months, has been camped out with statements aimed at unloading the responsibilities on the national government is not at all sufficient. If anyone thought that having allowed the interruption of the docking on Arbatax could be the last harassment, now they must take note that the entire southern center of the island is completely isolated from central Italy ”. Boeddu expressed from the beginning his strong doubts regarding the decision of “Unpack” the race: “With a minimum of reflection, everyone could imagine that some routes would go deserted and the best solution could only be the single regional race. Unfortunately, the national government, thanks to the Region, has decided otherwise and now all that remains is to pursue the problem and remedy it ”. The Region, in the first place, is asked to activate immediately the transport table e start a confrontation hitherto avoided. A few days ago the appeal to the national government of Giorgio Todde (regional councilor for transport) so that there was immediate action to avoid the interruption of the Cagliari-Civitavecchia section. A gloomy scenario is what now characterizes the transport sector in Sardinia, with very strong repercussions for economic activities: transporters will have to head towards Olbia e Porto Torres, with an increase in costs e lengthening of times.

Meanwhile, on the long judicial front that concerns Cin-Tirrenia e Moby spa (always Honored group), the decision of Court of Milan that with two decrees had declared the companies admitted to the composition procedure proposed by the group. The company had avoided the failure one hour before the deadline set by the court, after any negotiations with the Ministry of Economic Development on the debt restructuring agreement.


South Sardinia remains isolated sea years passenger ships stop Cagliari Civitavecchia Disaster announced

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