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Green pass school, all the rules: control and penalties. THE OFFICIAL FAQ [Aggiornate]

Green pass school, all the rules: control and penalties. THE OFFICIAL FAQ [Aggiornate]
Green pass school, all the rules: control and penalties. THE OFFICIAL FAQ [Aggiornate]

The green pass is the big news for the new school year. It applies to school staff and, in general, to anyone who enters school with the exception of students (except those from higher technical institutes). In the “Back to school” section, the Ministry of Education has published the official FAQ, updated to 10 September.

Green pass school, to whom it applies, who is exempted, as long as the rules are in force. FAQ on the new decree

How do you get green certification?
Article 9 of decree-law no.52 / 2021 provides for the issue of green certification in the event of:
a) anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination occurred, at the end of the prescribed cycle. The certification can also be issued following administration of the first dose of vaccine and is valid from the fifteenth day following administration, until the date scheduled for the completion of the vaccination cycle;
b) cured from COVID-19, with simultaneous cessation of the prescribed isolation following SARS-CoV-2 infection;
c) carrying out a rapid or molecular antigen test with negative result for the SARS-CoV-2 virus (validity for forty-eight hours).

Is it mandatory for school staff to show COVID-19 green certification?
Yes, there is the obligation to possess and exhibit the green certification. The control procedure is facilitated by the use of a national interoperable platform, prepared by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with that of Health.

How is the green certification checked?
At the request of the verifier (head teacher or his delegate), the staff on duty at the school shows – in digital or paper format – the QR Code combined with their green COVID-19 certification. The “VerificationC19” App scans the QR Code, extracts the information and proceeds with the check, providing three possible results:
a) green screen: the certification is valid for Italy and Europe,
b) blue screen: the certification is valid only for Italy,
c) red screen: the certification is not yet valid or has expired or there has been a reading error.
When the interoperable platform is started, by accessing SIDI, the Headmaster will automatically be able to view the same green and red screens.

What are the procedures to be followed in the case of personnel who do not intend to exhibit the green certification? After how many days does the suspension from service take effect?
In case of failure to exhibit the green COVID-19 certification, the teaching and ATA staff cannot access or remain in the school and are considered unjustified absent. The violation of the obligation to possess / exhibit the certification results in the application of a pecuniary administrative sanction. Furthermore, starting from the fifth day of unjustified absence, the employment relationship is suspended and no remuneration and other remuneration / emoluments are due. The release to service is subject to the possession of a valid green certification. The suspension of the employment relationship cannot be classified as a disciplinary sanction.

Are there penalties in case of breach of the obligation by external personnel?
It is planned to apply an administrative pecuniary sanction from 400 to 1000 euros.

Do all staff on duty have to have green certification to access school?
Yes. The decree-law n.111 / 2021 introduced the obligation to possess and the duty to exhibit the green COVID-19 certification for all school staff (teachers, ATA, school managers) of the schools of the national education system. . The decree-law n.122 / 2021, has extended the obligation of green certification also to the staff of the educational services for children, of the provincial centers for adult education (CPIA), of the regional systems of Vocational Education and Training IeFP), of the regional systems that carry out the courses of Higher Technical Education and Training (IFTS) and of the Higher Technical Institutes (ITS). Students attending Higher Technical Institutes (ITS) must also possess the green certification, in analogy with university students.

Who else needs green certification to enter school?
The decree-law n.122 / 2021 extends the obligation to possess and exhibit the COVID-19 green certification to anyone who accesses the structures of the educational, educational and training institutions of the national education system. The obligation therefore applies to all external subjects who work or professionally in the school (for example canteens, cleaners, collaborators and external consultants, etc.), to parents and family members of students and to all persons who, for whatever reason, enter school premises.

Are there any exceptions to the obligation to have green certification?
The obligation to possess and the duty to exhibit the green certification do not apply to subjects who, on the basis of suitable medical certification and in compliance with the indications of the Ministry of Health (circular n.35309 / 2021) are exempt from the vaccination campaign. Until 30 September 2021 in paper format, these subjects are issued with a substitute certification sufficient to allow access also to buildings intended for educational and school activities.

Are there free tampons for staff?
Schools may decide to use part of the specific resources assigned to them to cover the costs deriving from carrying out diagnostic swabs for school staff exempted from vaccination only. “In fact, it was intended to promote an action aimed at those who, not having the opportunity to vaccinate for certified health reasons, find themselves lacking primary vaccination coverage and, therefore, with greater risk for the spread of the epidemic to the inside educational institutions“(Note August 18, 2021, n.900).

Can a teacher voluntarily deliver a paper copy of his green certification?
No, for reasons of confidentiality, the green certification cannot be delivered under any circumstances, nor can it be withheld by the head teacher.

Does the head teacher have to be in good standing with green certification?
Yes, like all school staff.

What should i do if i got infected after the first vaccine?
The issue is clarified by the Ministry of Health in circular no.40711 / 2021. In the event of SARS-CoV-2 infection within the fourteenth day of administration of the first dose of vaccine, completion of vaccination with a second dose to be performed within six months of the date of the first positive molecular test is indicated. In case of infection beyond the fourteenth day after the administration of the first dose, “the vaccination schedule is to be considered completed as the infection itself is to be considered equivalent to the administration of the second dose. However, the possible administration of a second dose is not contraindicated, even for previously unvaccinated healed subjects who received only one dose of vaccine after SARS-CoV-2 infection.”.

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