Increase in electricity and gas bills in October 2021

Increase in electricity and gas bills in October 2021
Increase in electricity and gas bills in October 2021

The prices of raw materials are rising and bills are rising. “Last quarter the electricity bill increased by 20%, next quarter it will increase by 40%”. This is the prediction of the Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani, according to which “these things must be said, we have a duty to face them”. The increase is due “to the increase in gas at an international level” since “the price of CO2 produced also increases”, explained the minister in Genoa during a conference organized by the CGIL.

Electricity and gas bills: increases in October

“An increase of this magnitude, if it were really confirmed, would be lethal for families and businesses. For a typical family it would be equivalent to 247 euros on an annual basis”. To deal in the pockets of Italians struggling with a possible increase in electricity bills of 40% in the next quarter, as announced by Minister Cingolani, is Marco Vignola, head of the energy sector of the National Consumers Union. “Such an astronomical increase would be a serious brake on the economic recovery, raising the costs of businesses and weighing heavily on the pockets of families, with deleterious effects on the restart of consumption”, he continues. “The Government and the Parliament must in any case remedy immediately, deciding to allocate the proceeds of the market auctions of CO2 emission permits to lower bills, eliminating the system costs now outdated, such as those for securing nuclear power or the tariff concessions recognized for the railway sector, shifting the others to general taxation, such as incentives for renewable sources, which now instead end up on the invoice “, concludes Vignola.

With the autumn will come the sting for the electricity and gas bills. The latest increase was on 1 July, when Arera (the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment) updated the electricity and gas tariffs according to production costs in the usual quarterly report. According to Codacons, this series of increases could weigh up to 1,500 euros more per household. In the quarterly analysis of the electricity system released in recent days, Enea found that already in the first half of the year in Italy, energy consumption, costs and even CO2 emissions, which had become very expensive, were strongly increasing. As early as 1 July, electricity and gas bills had increased considerably. But, waiting for the government to deploy its decisions to mitigate the price hikes, the numbers for the fall are very serious.

The government’s choices could mitigate the impact of the increases, although energy economics experts are alarmed: on October 1, gas bills could grow by more than 30%, electricity bills by 20% or, as per Minister Cingolani’s forecast, even 40% in the next quarter. On 1 October, the Arera energy authority will update the electricity and gas tariffs every three months, bringing them closer to production costs and international markets. On the same day, the annual supply contracts to large consumers and businesses will start, since by convention the contractual thermal year runs from 1 October to 30 September.

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