The delirium of the Murgia: “Thanks to his wife? Patriarchate”

The delirium of the Murgia: “Thanks to his wife? Patriarchate”
The delirium of the Murgia: “Thanks to his wife? Patriarchate”

Males must be careful, from now on: because behind a simple “thank you” a discriminatory conception of the woman who is the daughter of patriarchal society can actually hide. If you have reached an important milestone in your career and you want to publicly thank your wife, girlfriend or lover for the support, beware: this could be a milestone for your other half. To support this bizarre thesis is the writer Michela Murgia, who examined the dedication to the wife of Roberto Benigni at the Venice Film Festival. The problem, in this case, is not the accusations of plagiarism or the hidden quotes from Jorge Luis Borges but, according to Murgia, the very concept of inspiring muse. Stuff from the Middle Ages.

The myth of the inspiring muse, Murgia writes in an article published on L’Espresso, “unearthly creature who secretly guides man to epic deeds“, It is one of “essential foundations of the patriarchy imagery“. The tale of the woman in the shade, who with her”silent force supports the luminous path of its companion“, is held by two”rhetorical pillars“that Benigni, certainly in good faith, to the Venetian microphones has”evoked to perfection“. The first of these”rhetorical devices can be summarized in the phrase “I owe everything to you. It is very common for men who reach a personal goal to publicly state that without their partner they would never have achieved it.“. It seems like an acknowledgment, but in reality, explains the Murgia, especially in a context like the cinema one, where”women have never had the same chance to stand out as their peers or peers” and the “plastic demonstration of its denial“. In a system where the”women can give light, but never have light, if it is not reflected“, I owe everything to you is to say”I am registering in full what in a fair world we should have shared“.

You can say everything about Roberto Benigni, he can be appreciated or not as an artist, but there is nothing wrong or potentially discriminatory in what he said and in the words of love for his wife. That of the Murgia is a useless conspiracy without rhyme or reason: who says that behind that “thank you” there are goals that are unattainable by women? Nicoletta Braschi she has received prestigious awards in her long and fruitful career as an actress, so much so that she almost does not envy merit and certainly has never lived off “reflected light”. It is reality itself that disproves Michela Murgia’s absurd theory and her obsession with patriarchy. It almost seems as if everything men do is wrong regardless – even saying “thank you” – or is a reflection of a macho society that progressive feminist living rooms don’t like. Patience.


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