“Find Federico”: but after 18 days the body resurfaces in the Dolomites

“Find Federico”: but after 18 days the body resurfaces in the Dolomites
“Find Federico”: but after 18 days the body resurfaces in the Dolomites

After eighteen days of research, the body of Federico Lugato, Milanese of Venetian origins, themissing hiker last August 26 in Val di Zoldo, in the Belluno Dolomites. Lugato, who was 39, had left that morning from Pralongo di Forno di Zoldo for a loop tour in the Tamer-San Sebastiano group and never returned. Molecular dogs found his body, at the height of Col de Michiel (1450m), a week after the prefecture had decided to stop searches.

Lugato had chosen a not too complicated itinerary, which he knew well from having already traveled it several times in the past. He had left his car, a Renault, in the village and left carrying his mobile phone, a water bottle, a fanny pack and trekking poles. Until 13 September, nothing has been found, except the car that was parked where the 39-year-old had left it. It didn’t help either location of the mobile phone, due to the signal disturbances caused by the mountains, so the rescuers were not able to better target the searches. Alpine rescue, fire brigade, dog units e volunteers arrived from all over northern Italy they searched for days, beating the area inch by inch and widening the search area, but without success. Even i drones they did not guarantee any progress, just as the patrols of the speleological teams in some cracks proved useless.

The only one not to lose hope was there wife Elena Panciera: “I don’t even want to think about the worst. I have to believe that he is hurt and that he is waiting for us: we will find him“, he had confided a few days after the disappearance. The woman has spread on Facebook a appeal, relaunched by popular figures such as Wild Lucarelli e Mauro Corona, it’s a fundraiser to support the research of the missing hiker, who raised over 20 thousand euros. Unfortunately, as often happens, when it comes to money, jackals are lurking: from a fake profile of Elena, someone has launched a parallel fundraiser, a scam luckily blocked within a few hours. The woman shared all the details on the research phases on social networks; again on September 6, after the decision to stop the research, he wrote: “How many have you helped us in Federico’s research up to now? We have tried to make a list, probably not exhaustive and to be updated. It makes an impression. In addition to more than 400 civilian volunteers, to whom I can only say thank you“. Then only the silence. Until today’s tragic discovery.


Find Federico days body resurfaces Dolomites

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