Area C, the new bans scheduled for October are postponed to the end of the Covid-19 emergency

Area C, the new bans scheduled for October are postponed to the end of the Covid-19 emergency
Area C, the new bans scheduled for October are postponed to the end of the Covid-19 emergency

Milano – Until the end of the Covid-19 emergency, access to Area C – the restricted traffic area in Milan that prohibits the most polluting vehicles from entering the so-called circle of the Bastions – remains allowed for passenger transport vehicles Euro 2 petrol, Euro 3 and 4 diesel with standard Fap, from Euro 0 to 4 diesel with Fap after market, Euro 5 diesel. To establish it theordinance 59/483710 signed by the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala.

A postponement made necessary by the ongoing health emergency and the consequent quota restrictions on public transport the one decided by the municipal administration: in Area C the access of Euro 2 petrol passenger transport vehicles will still be allowed; Euro 3 and 4 diesel with Fap as standard and from Euro 0 to 4 diesel with Fap after market installed by 31 December 2018 and with an adjustment class for the particulate mass of at least Euro 4; Euro 5 diesel.

The ban was supposed to take effect on October 1, 2021 according to a consolidated time schedule prior to the spread of the Covid-19 virus. The freeze is the coherent consequence of all the exceptional measures taken in recent months to counter the effects of the pandemic on city mobility, starting with the quota for 80% of the capacity on public transport; and it appears even more appropriate in relation to the Agreement to allow the safe resumption of school activities adopted by the Municipality and the Prefecture of Milan with the social and economic partners of the city.

For some time now, a process of renewal of the city car fleet has been underway towards vehicles with a lower environmental impact: the data provided by Aci is from May 2021 Milan leads the way in the registrations of cars powered by electricity with a growth of 176%, going from 842 in 2019 to 2,325. In Lombardy, growth is even sharper and registrations grew by 228% compared to the previous year: they were 1947 in 2019, rising to 6394 in 2020. In addition to the increased awareness of citizens on environmental issues, the development of technologies, the measures adopted to discourage the use of polluting vehicles and the contributions made available by the Government and local Administration. In particular, in 2020, the Municipality of Milan invested 8.5 million euros for helping citizens who have bought low-impact vehicles and in recent days another 3 million euros have been made available for the same purpose.

The new call for access to grants available until 31 December 2021 or until all funds are exhausted, it will be published on the Municipality website in the next few days. Adult citizens residing in Milan will be able to access. The contributions can be combined with state incentives and the amount is calculated on the final price already including the state bonus. To access the contributions for the purchase of hybrid vehicles (electric / petrol and electric / diesel), electric, hydrogen, bifuel, private individuals must provide for the radiation for the demolition of a petrol-powered passenger transport vehicle up to Euro 3 included. or diesel up to Euro 6 included. The contribution will be reduced by 20% for those who do not scrap and instead choose to provide for the simultaneous radiation for export abroad of a Euro 5 and 6 diesel passenger transport vehicle. Incentives also for the purchase of electric motorcycles or scooters. , as has been the case for some years now.

Area C: how much the entrance ticket costs

The daily entrance ticket to Area C has a price of 5 euro (2 euros for residents in Area C). The entrance is instead free for vehicles carrying disabled people (with badge) or people headed to the hospital emergency room, for i electric vehicles, mopeds and motor vehicles (motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles) and hybrids with very specific specifications.

Area C: those who cannot enter the center of Milan

The LTZ of Area C, called the circle of the Bastions, is bordered by 43 electronic gates equipped with a camera. During the activation times, the following vehicles, considered the most polluting, cannot enter or transit to Area C (except for exceptions): vehicles in prohibited environmental class; to double fuel oil-LPG and diesel-methane Euro 0, 1, 2 and 3; two-stroke motor vehicles and mopeds Euro 0 and 1 and diesel Euro 0 and 1. Only on an experimental basis until 30 September 2022, is allowed entry into Area C for i vehicles longer than 7.5 meters if electric. There is also a derogation from the access ban for vehicles for specific transport and for special use fueled by diesel with emission class subject to prohibition, with particulate filter or which certify the impossibility to install it or for types of special vehicles such as mobile cranes. , vehicles for earthmoving or exceptional transport for which alternative engines to those powered by diesel are not yet available. Finally, new rules concern i vehicles of historical interest who are up to 40 years old and have a Certificate of Historical Relevance who can enter Area C for a fee.

Area C: site and number of the telephone call center

For further updated details on Area C timetables, prices, exceptions and any new suspensions, consult the page dedicated to Area C on the website of the Municipality of Milan or contact the call center by calling the number 02 48684001 from Monday to Saturday 8.00-24.00 and Sunday 8.00-17.00.

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