These are the fundamental aspects to consider to prevent Alzheimer’s

These are the fundamental aspects to consider to prevent Alzheimer’s
These are the fundamental aspects to consider to prevent Alzheimer’s

We must always pay close attention to our health conditions. Especially from a certain age it can, in fact, happen that we begin to exhibit symptoms of various kinds. There are those who have high cholesterol, those who have blood sugar problems, others still begin to have motor problems. Among the most common disorders we also find those of a mental nature. Unfortunately, among the diseases that affect most people is Alzheimer’s.

There is no real cure for this problem, but prevention can still be done to try to delay its onset or mitigate its effects. In fact, as we will see in the next paragraphs, these are the fundamental aspects to consider to prevent Alzheimer’s. Let’s find out right away.

The disease and its causes

Alzheimer’s disease is a so-called neurodegenerative disorder. This means that it arises from the destruction of brain cells, reducing normal cognitive abilities over time. Generally, the first and most common symptom is that of memory loss. It starts with small forgetfulness of names or places and then gets worse, up to a serious impairment of memory functions.

As many know, Alzheimer’s almost exclusively affects older people, over the age of 65. But since there are also forms that affect younger people, we recommend at any age to seek medical attention if symptoms occur.

These are the fundamental aspects to consider to prevent Alzheimer’s

To prevent Alzheimer’s it is good to understand if you have previous conditions that can favor its onset.

First, genetics are important, because those with relatives with Alzheimer’s may have a higher risk of getting it. Indeed, it may be that this disease originates from mutations at the DNA level, as various studies have observed.

However, familiarity is not the only risk factor, there are others to keep under control. For example, birth gender can also be an important factor. It has been observed, in fact, that women are more affected by Alzheimer’s, although it is not yet clear why.

Among other risk conditions we point out Down syndrome. Sufferers may be more likely to get this disease. Those who have received severe brain trauma may also have greater risks.

Not only that, but there are other ailments, some very common, that could increase the risks. These include hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. So, if we suffer from one of these three problems, we try to be careful and maybe consult the doctor to see if we are at greater risk of Alzheimer’s.


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