“Reduce it like this …”. The swollen face, then the photo of Guendalina Tavassi disappears

“Reduce it like this …”. The swollen face, then the photo of Guendalina Tavassi disappears
“Reduce it like this …”. The swollen face, then the photo of Guendalina Tavassi disappears

There is mystery surrounding the stories published by Guendalina Tavassi and his daughter Gaia Nicolini. Both shared a photo of the influencer with the obviously swollen face which, however, was removed after a few minutes from both accounts without giving further information. Since that moment, mother and daughter have disappeared from the radar of social networks creating alarmism in their followers, who now wonder about what may have happened to the former Big Brother competitor.

Was Guendalina Tavassi attacked? This is what followers are asking now. A legitimate doubt, also supported by what was written by the influencer and his daughter accompanying the photo initially shared on social media. The first to share the shot was the former gieffina. Its caption was rather cryptic: “Fortunately I am still here“. In the photo, Guendalina Tavassi, wearing the mask, shows that a large dark hematoma can be seen quite clearly under her eye. A few hours earlier, the influencer was having lunch in a ristorante of Rome, from which he shared some ironic stories.

His daughter added more details a few minutes later: “To reduce my mother like this, how disgusting. Shame, I’m speechless“. An ungrammatical message, probably written with the anger of the moment, which suggests the aggression but which gives no other explanation to that swollen eye.

Many now wonder why the two shared the stories and then delete them at that speed and, above all, why after throwing a bomb like this into the sea of ​​social media, aware of making noise, they did not give other details. Despite the speed with which both have taken steps to to delete the stories, users had already taken steps to take screenshots and run the image, fueling the doubts and worries of the network even in those who hadn’t had time to see the original shares.

Gaia’s words were very strong, the girl seems to be addressing someone who is not well defined. Who is it that has gone so far as to “reduce” Guendalina Tavassi in this way? The doubt runs on the network but neither the influencer nor his mother seem at the moment willing to provide further details. But some are also emerging from the network protests, because many emphasize a lack of respect in sharing a similar photo, with such words, without giving explanations. If there was no intention to tell the cause of those bruises, then why share such a strong story? All that remains is to wait to see if in the next few hours one of the two will provide more details, if only to reassure the many fans of Guendalina Tavassi.


Reduce swollen face photo Guendalina Tavassi disappears

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