the mystery behind the kidnapping – Libero Quotidiano

the mystery behind the kidnapping – Libero Quotidiano
the mystery behind the kidnapping – Libero Quotidiano

He would have acted on impulse according to his lawyers Shmuel Peleg, the maternal grandfather of Eitan Biran. Yet the man who kidnapped the baby on 9/11 to bring him to Israel would have planned everything. Peleg boarded with Eitan’s a private plane that from Switzerland arrived at its destination flying over Italy, Albania and Greece. The whole – lets know the Corriere della Sera – the cost of nine thousand euros and three and a half hours of travel. According to the newspaper, the man left at 10:26 the same day, when a Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign of the German charter company Aerowest – serial number D-CAWB – took off from the airport of Hanover, in Germany, for Lugano, in Switzerland. .

With charter services it works in the following way: you call the company, book a flight, arrive a quarter of an hour first at the airport and then board aircraft with the utmost confidentiality and minimum seats. The Cessna in question – which has a list price of $ 6.5 million – it has nine seats, two pilots who are joined by a flight attendant. The departure from the Lugano airport would have been around 3 pm.

From that moment on, little Eitan, the only survivor of the Stresa-Mottarone cable car massacre, he will never return to Italy. Where he was entrusted to his paternal aunt, Aya Biran, his legal guardian after the baby lost both parents and little sister on May 23rd. Upon landing, the Cessna left the main runway and headed away from Terminal 3, which is used for international commercial flights. And grandfather and grandson were dropped off at the Tel Aviv airport.

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mystery kidnapping Libero Quotidiano

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