MotoGP 2021. The scoreboard of the Aragon GP – MotoGP

MotoGP 2021. The scoreboard of the Aragon GP – MotoGP
MotoGP 2021. The scoreboard of the Aragon GP – MotoGP

Pecco Bagnaia vote 10 and praise
Personally, I have always considered him a very strong driver, the best among the “Ducati fans”. I was convinced that it would only be a matter of time, I’m delighted not to be wrong: his victory is one of the best in the last 10 years. Because he drove perfectly, without errors, forcing his opponent – Marc Marquez, not Pinco Pallo – to exaggerate to try to pass him: he left him no alternative. Coldness, clarity, speed, control. In a word: immense.

Marc Marquez 9.5
He didn’t win, but for me he couldn’t do more: he was beaten by a stronger opponent, with a more competitive bike, but he tried hard, even exaggerating, knowing he had no other chance. Only he knows how much his shoulder is affecting him, but seeing him ride like that again is a joy for all fans. From applause.

Joan Mir 9
He is in evident technical inferiority, but in the end he always brings home the best possible result. Last year, he probably would have won this race, but in 2021 the rival-bike package is more competitive than him: he can’t do more. True sample.

Aleix Espargaro 8
This driver must be recognized as having a high level of quality: it is true that it is too early to make comparisons, but for the moment he continues to make a big difference with all his teammates. Underrated.

Jack Miller 6
It seemed that the podium might be within his reach, but he didn’t even touch it. He is good, fast, but for the moment still not complete. It has to grow.

Enea Bastianini 8
Great race, started well immediately in FP1, then with the conquest of the first direct access in Q2. He rode well all weekend, helped by a track that was congenial to him: every race grows a little, proving he is well in MotoGP. Bravo and fast. Convincing.

Brad Binder 6
In the end, he is always the best KTM driver at the finish line, but he absolutely has to improve in qualifying: you can’t (almost) always start so far behind. Then, in the race he makes great comebacks, but he can’t work miracles. Dry ride, what a nightmare.

Fabio Quartararo 6
He limits the damage, in some way, in the most difficult GP for him, perhaps slowed down by a rear tire that is not up to the task. The truth, however, is that he has never been too effective on the pitch all weekend. But the world cup is won like this. Watch out.

Jorge Martin 5
A step back, after so many forward. It can happen to a rookie. Undertone.

Iker Lecuona 7
Nice race, with good overtaking, without errors. Personally, I don’t understand why the current Petronas team didn’t choose him for 2022: let’s not forget that he’s only 21 years old. It is a pity that he will no longer be in MotoGP.

Alex Kidneys 4
After the good performance at Silverstone, much more was expected, considering that he had won here in 2020. He struggles to be constant, as if he were not focused on results. In MotoGP we cannot be satisfied.

Pol Espargaro 4
Unfortunately, Britain is confirmed as the exception, not the rule. Far away.

Danilo Petrucci 4
Completely unmotivated and disheartened: so it’s hard to run.

Johann Zarco 4
Unfortunately we only talked about him for the motorcycle trip to Aragon… His bad result, however, confirms how difficult today’s MotoGP is: Zarco is one who has won podiums, he was second in the world championship. A strong one, in short. But if you’re not okay, if you don’t have confidence with the bike, you end up backwards. Difficult moment.

Maverick Vinales 6
Overall, it didn’t hurt, it’s okay to give it time to grow. Of course, after the times of Misano, something more was expected, but we know how complicated it is to change bikes and, above all, the engine configuration. Apprenticeship competition.

Valentino Rossi 4
Okay, he doesn’t like Aragon and it doesn’t fit the Yamaha very well, but seeing him this far back hurts the heart. Stand-in.

Luca Marini 4
The comparison with his teammate with the same bike, rather than the position, says how difficult his GP was. Step back.

Ducati DesmosediciGP vote 9
The perfect bike does not exist, but at Aragon the Ducati seemed to be at the highest level. Because, as Marquez pointed out, now not only is he off hard and is very fast on the straight, but he is also effective on the distance. Great engineer Gigi Dall’Igna.

Honda RC213V vote 8.5
Marquez is back competitive and doubts return, because while he is fighting for victory until the last lap, the other Honda riders sink. What is the truth? That Marquez makes a monstrous difference, but the RC213V, especially on this track, isn’t that bad.

Suzuki GSX-RR voto 8
The slowest in acceleration, the slowest in the straight, the worst with the lowering system of the bike. In short, it is no longer the perfect “violin” of last season.

Aprilia RS-GP voto 8
He is always in front, always in the top positions, on all tracks, in all conditions. Personally, I am convinced that Aleix puts his part in it, but the base is more than good

Yamaha M1 rating 7.5

On this track he is in even more difficulty than in Austria: indigestible circuit.

KTM RC16 rating 7.5

In the race, Binder and Lecuona did well, after very complicated qualifying.

– Enea Bastianini: “I can do better”, Vinales gains experience

– Fabio Quartararo: “Something was wrong with the rear”

– Marc Marquez: “I’m a more normal rider”

– Pecco Bagnaia: “As a child you dream of a victory like this”

– Valentino Rossi: “Happy and proud of Pecco”

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