Citizen thanks all the doctors and operators who treated his brother-in-law. Here is the letter

Citizen thanks all the doctors and operators who treated his brother-in-law. Here is the letter
Citizen thanks all the doctors and operators who treated his brother-in-law. Here is the letter

“I make a familiar pain public: I do it to say thanks to those who do their utmost for the health of citizens and to support, once again, the need for revive public health“.

Thus begins the letter sent to the editorial team by a our reader from Melfi which adds:

“Unfortunately a serious bleeding crisis, following a devastating neoplasm, took away my brother-in-law CT.

a incurable disease identified about two years ago by the team of the Melfi hospital led by the excellent dr. Rosario Festa is cared for with true professionalism since oncology department of the CROB of Rionero in Vulture.

And thanks to the priceless commitment of Dr. Giovanni Bozza, to his highly qualified competence and humanity that C. was able to face these months of care with patience and hope.

But the evil of the century is an ugly beast, still to be faced with a lot of scientific research and investments in human and financial terms.

Also yesterday, in the acute moment of the bleeding in progress, I had the reconfirmation of an efficient and qualified Emergency Department of the Melfi hospital and its manager dott. Enzo Frusci, who, having identified the current crisis, proceeded, in agreement with the San Carlo, to the transfer in Potenza, dove everything has been tried to save C ..

Nothing could be done because the situation was now irremediable.

Finally, in these nearly two years of suffering, C. was able to take advantage of the high quality of the ADI operators, of an excellent service born years ago in our area (then extended throughout Basilicata) for the far-sighted vision of public administrators of the Vulture Melfese, supported by medical and nursing staff of great value.

I write this page of ‘logbook’ not only to say THANKS to those who have done their utmost to cure and relieve C.’s pain, but also to say that there is a Lucanian public health system, with distant roots, which works and only needs to be relaunched with human resources and investments, strengthening hospitals and, even more, territorial medicine.


The policy of public health cuts of the past years has damaged the National Health Service, it has not destroyed it.

The pandemic has told us that we must reverse the course, relaunch the value of the defense of health and invest, invest, invest. Don’t cut.

It is due to all citizens.

First of all to the most fragile, to those who have no money to take care of themselves privately, to those who are enticed, to the non self-sufficient, to the elderly, in compliance with the values ​​and principles of art. 32 of the Italian Constitution.

On behalf of all my family, thanks to the many public health workers who took care of C., from the first day of the disease to the last moments of his life.



(Court Authorization No. 466)

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