Silvio Muccino has a disease: unfortunately there is no definitive cure – the Democrat

Silvio Muccino has a disease: unfortunately there is no definitive cure – the Democrat
Silvio Muccino has a disease: unfortunately there is no definitive cure – the Democrat

A disease that does not provide a definitive cure and that can solve the health problem. How is Silvio Muccino

Younger brother of Gabriele Muccino, Silvio is an Italian actor, director, screenwriter and writer. Son of the former Rai executive Luigi Muccino and the successful painter Antonella Cappuccio, after graduating he graduated enrolled in the faculty Letters from the Sapienza University of Rome.

After very few exams he dropped out of school to be able to fully devote himself to his passion for cinema. Silvio Muccino made his debut as an actor in a film directed by Gabriele himself, that is Like you no one ever. In this film Silvio was also the screenwriter. Other successes followed, other films of which, however, this time Muccino covers the role of director as Handbook of love, tell me about love e Remember me.

In his career Silvio Muccino is also considered a writer. His debut in this sector took place in 2006, with his first novel tell me about love. Novel we remember then became a real bestseller. Here is also the hand of Carla Vangelista. And it is precisely from here that the homonymous film was born, directed by Silvio Muccino himself, tell me about love.

The incurable disease of Silvio Muccino

The actor then wrote other novels such as Revolution No. 9 e When it was us. Although Silvio Muccino made his debut in his film career thanks to his brother Gabriele, the relationship between the two remained for a long time. on a razor’s edge. A real film feud began, so much so that they even ended up in front of a courtroom.

All for Silvio’s accusations against Gabriele, who would have assaulted his wife by piercing her eardrum. To date, however, it seems that relations between the two have returned to normal, and there are no more tensions between brothers. However, this is not the only problem that Silvio Muccino has found himself facing. In fact, he is also suffering from an incurable disease, which unites him with several VIPs.

As reported by the website Ok health and wellness, the actor it has something like characters the likes of Sharon Stone and Kate Middleton. Specifically, it is a disease for which there is still no definitive cure. Asthma is the disease in question. So it’s not just the big Hollywood stars who have to deal with health problems.

Outside of this problem however, Silvio Muccino has always tried to be very careful so that did not interfere with his work. Today Muccino has moved away from the spotlight by devoting himself completely to his life as a writer. Always keeping an eye on his health.

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