Transfer market Rome, failed attempt | Refused 15 million

Transfer market Rome, failed attempt | Refused 15 million
Transfer market Rome, failed attempt | Refused 15 million

The Rome transfer market ended with a goal still at stake, that of the midfielder. But there are backstories for another role.

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At the Giallorossi home there is still the great mood among the Giallorossi fans and not only, because also the team itself and the staff of José Mourinho they are more than satisfied with the performance of the players, so much so that despite Thursday there will be the first match of the group stage of the UEFA Conference League, today there will be a day of rest for everyone. Meanwhile, those who, in addition to thinking about the field, also think about what the Special One can use in the next transfer market session, is Tiago Pinto. The Portuguese general manager could please Mou in January in his search for the required midfielder.

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Rome transfer market, 15 million refused

Dimitris Giannoulis © Getty Images

The indiscretion this time comes from Greece, where as reported by the portal ‘’, Norwich left-back Dimitris Giannoulis, had entered the sights of the Capitoline club, so much to be seen refuse an offer by the english club of ben 15 million of Euro. The Greek born in 1995 therefore remained on Carrow Road. Precisely in that role Tiago Pinto had to reinforce the left lane, after the injury of Leonardo Spinazzola arrived during the European Championship, with the arrival of Matias fault which is convincing everyone. Yesterday the Uruguayan was deployed by Mourinho despite his return flight from the national team landing only on Saturday, with the last match played on the Italian night between Thursday and Friday.

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