“Right under the agent’s eyes” – Libero Quotidiano

“Right under the agent’s eyes” – Libero Quotidiano
“Right under the agent’s eyes” – Libero Quotidiano

He’s not getting many, Virginia Raggi, in his electoral campaign for the Municipal of Roma. This time, the gaffes of Giuseppe Conte (capable of confusing Ama with Atac during a Capitoline rally) have nothing to do with it. The outgoing mayor of the 5 Star Movement, re-nominated despite the contrary opinion of many big grillini nationally and locally (including, apparently, the same Count worried about the boomerang of a sound rejection), slipped on her … camper electoral.

As reported by the Corriere della Sera, Raggi arrived aboard her camper on Sunday morning for an election picnic in the Caffarella park. Small problem: the vehicle, bulky, has seen fit to occupy the pedestrian crossing to bring down the mayor. And this despite the (or perhaps it would be better to say “thanks to”) the presence of an agent who guided the driver in the maneuvers.

“For a few minutes the van, stopped in the middle of the road, blocks the traffic – summarizes the Corriere della Sera, not without a hint of embarrassment -. The first citizen, who arrived late, found supporters to welcome her. Someone misses a joke: Come on, Virginia, we’ve been hungry for two hours“. To support the Rays there is also Alessandro Di Battista, officially released by the 5 Star Movement but always much loved by the base and particularly active, especially when it is necessary to put a poisonous word or a spanner in the works to the former premier Conte. “I am a simple voter”, Dibba presented himself, very unconvincing given the ability to move the masses and the Grillini voters on social media. He does not mention the gaffe of the camper, others, on Twitter and Facebook, yes.

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