F1, Verstappen-Hamilton crash in Monza: experts point to the culprit

The controversy does not subside in Formula 1 on the clash between Max Verstappen e Lewis Hamilton which characterized the Italian Grand Prix later won by McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo. The race direction has expressed its sentence giving the Dutch Red Bull responsibility for the crash at the first variant with a lot of penalty to be served in Sochi in two weeks. And while Max proclaims himself innocent, Hamilton thanks the halo who saved his big head. Meanwhile, the main F1 signatures have their say on the accident.

Hamilton-Verstappen, an accident announced

It was known that as the F1 World Championship the world championship duel between Verstappen ed Hamilton it would become increasingly hot and at risk of a “collision”. In Imola, with a twist in the first corner, the single battle had begun. Then at Silverstone the first real crash, always at the first corner. And since there are no two without three, here are Max and Lewis coming to blows, sorry, to the wheels, even in Monza.

The race marshals, after hearing from both drivers, decided to to sanction Verstappen, who will have to pay three penalty positions on the starting grid in the next Grand Prix in Sochi, Russia. But it is obvious that the turn the rivalry is taking is likely to exasperate even more this final of the F1 World Championship never so in the balance in recent years, apart from the internal Rosberg-Hamilton duel of the first years of Mercedes hybrid domination.

Pino Allievi on the Verstappen-Hamilton crash

In his classic Monday morning appointment “Il caffè di Pino Allievi“On Formula Passion, the well-known F1 journalist has thus framed the accident between the two happy for the title: “Whoever invented the halo must be beatified. We will argue endlessly about 51% of the responsibilities. The fact remains that Verstappen has a bad habit: he doesn’t accept that someone goes faster than him, not even in a curve. It is not the reaction of the moment that betrays him but the character attitude that is difficult to eradicate “.

Giorgio Terruzzi provokes: “Max and Lewis take the gloves”

Always original and above all ironic and provocative in his comments, the journalist and writer Giorgio Terruzzi in his legendary report cards he gives advice to the duelists for the title by giving “Rating 0 to Hamilton and Verstappen: the show was 10 and praise. But after such an engagement, a boxing match was expected in the midst of the First Variant with a world title of all weights up for grabs. Come on guys, don’t leave a fist fight halfway, you need more commitment “.

The Sky journalist, on the other hand, remains neutral, Mara Sangiorgio who limits himself to photographing the moment of the World Fight: “An image that makes the memory run easy for the film of the 2016 season, for the inevitable crash in Barcelona due to the tension that had arisen in the same box between Rosberg and Hamilton. This year the feeling is that Formula One could experience an equally tight but above all equally intense finish. The loser this weekend is in any case the seven-time world champion who on a track like Monza should certainly have capitalized more and instead he also lost two points over the Dutchman, who is now more than five, for the sprint qualifying ”.

Chinchero goes down hard on Verstappen

The reporter from Motorsport.com and Sky columnist, Roberto Chinchero he is not tender with Max Verstappen: “There are times when you have to keep your foot firmly on the accelerator, and others when you have to lift it. Verstappen is well aware of the first scenario, but much less of the second, It is not premeditation, but simply the inability to surrender to the evidence, the ‘killer instinct’ (which has many positive aspects) but which in other situations becomes a limit. But the most worrying aspect is that in this confrontation, which has reached very high peaks of tension, the final goal is making us lose the sense of danger ”.

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