The Szczesny disaster discovers the truth about Buffon’s departure from Juve: he couldn’t take it anymore

The Szczesny disaster discovers the truth about Buffon’s departure from Juve: he couldn’t take it anymore
The Szczesny disaster discovers the truth about Buffon’s departure from Juve: he couldn’t take it anymore

In the Champions League tomorrow in Malmoe between the posts of Juventus there will still be Wojciech Szczesny, protagonist of a disastrous start to the championship and ended up in the crosshairs of the fans after the defeat in Naples: Allegri was peremptory on the subject. Meanwhile, more than one fan in Turin regrets Gigi Buffon.

While waiting for Verona to play the postponement against Bologna, Juventus find themselves in third last place in the Serie A standings: behind the Bianconeri – who have just one point after three days – there are only the Scala and Salernitana, still at zero. A situation certainly unexpected at the beginning of the season, even if it was born having to manage the farewell of Cristiano Ronaldo. The defeat of Naples has activated all the crisis units at Continassa, Allegri’s diktat is to lower his head and work: at Maradona no player has spoken besides Chiellini, in the following hours no one has posted any message on social networks.

Now in the Champions League you cannot fail: the away match of Malmoe it already becomes a fundamental crossroads of the Juventus season. Juve will certainly present themselves in Sweden with a deeper squad than that brought to Naples, recovering Chiesa and the South Americans left to rest. Wojciech Szczesny will still be in the goal, despite the disasters of this championship start. On the topic Merry he left no room for doubt after the match in Naples: “He is our starting goalkeeper and will continue to be so, on Tuesday he will be in the posts of Juve“.

The Juventus fans are not exactly of the same opinion, invoking Perin holder, but also regretting the immortal Gigi Buffon, who at 43 is already showing a Parma that champions got home (Gialloblù yesterday victorious 4-0 in Pordenone, fourth place in the Serie B standings). Much has been said about the Tuscan goalkeeper’s willingness to embrace a new challenge that would give him back motivation, but Repubblica reveals that Buffon would have left Juve instead because of the consideration of Szczesny’s value: that is, that he didn’t feel like doing the second to one with a lower performance than his, as moreover clearly certified by the final of last season, when Pirlo himself, despite having sworn that Szczesny would be decisive in the Champions League play-off in Naples, entrusted himself to the old Gigi at that juncture, breaking the pattern of the alternation of his goalkeepers codified up to at that moment (Coppa Italia and minor league matches for Buffon).

The fact is that now Juve is having to face the whole season with a goalkeeper with a long contract (expiring on June 30, 2024) and on which a possible motion of no confidence is pending at the first mistake: at that point the alternation with Perin could really take shape, despite Allegri’s assurances.


Szczesny disaster discovers truth Buffons departure Juve couldnt anymore

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