a region has already decided

a region has already decided
a region has already decided

The Lazio will begin with the administration of the third dose of vaccine as early as this week, anticipating all the other Italian regions. The announcement comes directly from the Twitter profile of the governor Nicola Zingaretti, who announced the plans of his region.

The first to receive the booster dose of vaccine will be i transplant patients, meanwhile, we await the circular from the Ministry of Health which will contain all the information and which should be available within a few days, according to what was announced by Minister Roberto Speranza.

Third dose of vaccine at the start in Lazio

“Lazio starts with the third dose of the vaccine. From next week we start with those who have received a transplant and who will be contacted by the regional health system. We continue to secure life and the future “. These are the words with which the governor Zingaretti announced the plans of his region to start the administration of the third dose of the vaccine.

Aifa, the Italian drug agency, gave the green light to the administration of the booster dose and now the Ministry of Health is working to define in detail the modalities with which the third dose will be inoculated. The Minister of Health has also announced that, in accordance with what is recommended by the experts, the additional dose of vaccine will begin to be administered to people with immune frailty, that is, to patients “Oncological and transplanted”.

As regards the other regions we await the document of the Ministry of Health, which, according to what was anticipated by the Director of Prevention at the Ministry Gianni Rezza, will be a generic document to be followed by “Technical notes and details for the best definition of the immunocompromised categories”. At a later time the administration of the third dose could concern the other fragile bands, such as those over 80, and those particularly exposed to the disease such as health workers.

How the administration of the third dose works

At first the third dose of the vaccine should be about 2.3 million Italians, according to what was reported by the National Transplant Network and the Epicenter website of the Higher Institute of Health. Once the booster dose has been given to these categories of people, the ministry will consider whether to proceed with the rest of the population as well.

At the moment Speranza stated that “We will discuss and see if the scientific evidence will pay off a third dose is essential also for others. I think it’s likely, but we have no certainties absolute, we will verify them “.

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