Milan, new bonuses for green cars and motorcycles.

They amount to 3 million euros i new incentives launched by the municipality of Milano for the purchase of ecological cars and motorbikes. The new benefits will be valid for the whole of 2021 and can be combined with the national bonuses currently in force: they can be used to purchase electric, plug-in hybrids (electric / petrol and electric / diesel), hydrogen and bi-fuel vehicles. .

Soon the notice of the Municipality

The incentive is linked to the scrapping of an old car petrol up to Euro 3 or diesel up to Euro 6 inclusive. Reduced discount of 20% instead for those who choose the formula of the simultaneous radiation for export abroad of a Euro 5 and 6 diesel passenger transport vehicle.

The Municipality underlines that a special notice will be published shortly through which citizens will be able to know all the details of the provision and request the bonuses that will be available until December 31st next and, in any case, until resources are exhausted, as long as the applicants are adults and residents in the Lombard capital.

The discount, which can be obtained only once and for a single vehicle, will be applied to the final price of the car already inclusive of state incentives (which for a pure electric with simultaneous scrapping mean a reduction of 6 thousand euros on the price list) .

Motorcycles and scooters: up to 3 thousand euros

As for the purchase of battery-powered motorcycles and mopeds, the contribution established by the municipal administration provides a discount of 60% of the total cost of the vehicle up to a maximum of 3 thousand euros, also in this case, the Municipality stressed, the contextual scrapping “of a passenger transport vehicle powered by petrol up to Euro 3 or diesel up to Euro 6 or if the same vehicle is destined for export (diesel Euro 5 and 6), or the radiation of a two-stroke motor vehicle or moped up to Euro 3 inclusive, four-stroke petrol up to Euro 2 inclusive “.

For the purchase of two ecological wheels, however, there is a discount even in the absence of radiation of an old vehicle, but in this case with a ceiling equal to 40% of the total cost of the new vehicle up to a maximum of 1,800 euros.

Bonus impact on fleet turnover

The new benefits, explains the Municipality, “aim to improve the quality of the car and motorcycle fleet circulating in the city and therefore the quality of the air, but above all they respond to the need to provide citizens with forms of alternative mobility to the use of public transport given the persistence of anti-Covid regulations that limit capacity on trams, buses and subways “.

Finally, Palazzo Marino recalls the effectiveness demonstrated by the incentives launched so far for the replacement of vehicles in the area: in Milan in 2020 8.5 million euros were made available thanks to which citizens were able to scrap 794 highly polluting vehicles and purchase 1,791 new low-impact vehicles environmental (689 hybrid, electric, bifuel cars, 230 electric scooters, 842 bicycles and 30 electric cargobics).

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