from Tuesday ITALY SPLIT in 2 between TEMPORALS with HAIL and BOOM of anomalous HEAT. WEEK forecasts »

from Tuesday ITALY SPLIT in 2 between TEMPORALS with HAIL and BOOM of anomalous HEAT. WEEK forecasts »
from Tuesday ITALY SPLIT in 2 between TEMPORALS with HAIL and BOOM of anomalous HEAT. WEEK forecasts »

Weather: from Tuesday ITALY SPLIT in 2 between storms with hail and anomalous HEAT BOOM. WEEK forecast

From Tuesday Italy split in 2 between storms and anomalous heatLet’s get ready for a phase meteorological characterized by a Italy divided in two between an uncertain context e thunderstorm and one not only more stable, but also characterized by a hot really abnormal for the season.
All the fault of one Atlantic sack which will approach the Mediterranean area, thus making its influence felt also on our country. If on the one hand, it will cause greater interference thunderstorm, especially on the northern regions, on the other hand it will attract winds a lot hot rising from the heart ofAfrica which will determine a decided increase from the temperature al South and on two Islands major.

But let’s go in order and see what awaits us on the weather front until the eve of weekend.
After a Monday in the name of an atmosphere quiet enough for everyone, starting from Tuesday 14 the interference of the Atlantic cavity will cause the first cloud coverings in the Northwest and on the central Tyrrhenian sector. Despite this, no particularly relevant phenomena are expected yet, with the exception of sudden events rain showers close to the Piedmontese reliefs and on much of the Valle d’Aosta.
Sunnier weather elsewhere, with temperature which will already begin to increase at South.

Eyes on instead between Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 when the Atlantic gap will further move its center of gravity towards the Bel Paese. Time will be destined to undergo a more obvious worsening, at first on part of the North and later also on many sections of the Center. Wednesday, in particular, at the risk of showers thunderstorms we will find the alpine sector, especially the western one, but several clouds will cover the skies over the rest of the North and over much of the Center.
Other music instead al South where, in addition to a decent sunshine, the temperature they will register an additional soaring and it will start to do too much hot for the period.
Thursday storm interference will extend from Alps to the pre-alpine sectors up to plains from Piedmont e Lombardy to then reach the top during the day Triveneto and the Tuscany. Things will go better on the rest of the Center, but most of all al Sud dove it will seem to be back in the middle of summer thanks not only to the good sunshine, but above all because of the thermal framework well above the climatological average.

Thus we arrive at the eve of the weekend. The one of Friday 17 it will be a day strongly unstable al North and on Tyrrhenian regions of Center where rains and thunderstorms will be quite frequent.
In the South, despite the arrival of a moderate cloudiness, we will continue to live in a dry context, all wrapped up in hot really abnormal which will only diminish, if everything is confirmed, in the next one weekend.
But we will give you more details on this in our next updates.



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