«Boss, I can’t come to work today» Prayers, hugs to the doctors – Corriere.it

«Boss, I can’t come to work today» Prayers, hugs to the doctors – Corriere.it
«Boss, I can’t come to work today» Prayers, hugs to the doctors – Corriere.it

Sunny’s parents waiting in the hospital. The mayor: extraordinary people. The employer: the father sent me a video of the awake son smiling

RIMINI – Thank you doctor for what you have done for my son. Tamin,
Sunny’s father, after seeing the 5-year-old boy reopen his eyes, he is no longer in the skin and thanked and hugged everyone around him: doctors, nurses, policemen. Then he began to pray. For hours he had held back a storm of emotions and pain but never a curse against those who were taking away his second of three children or against Italy, which has been his home for 13 years. His three children were born here and his family is growing up.

Little Sunny, second child, strong and, having fought like a lion, could already be today declared out of danger. Meanwhile, he smiled at his parents and widened his eyes after seeing two gifts at the bedside: one police car, a gift from the agents, and a pickup truck given by the mayor of Rimini.

His parents watched over him without ever leaving the resuscitation glass for a moment. They didn’t want to go home even for a moment. Sunny’s mother, from Bangladesh, observe everything and keep your nerve. She has and has to breastfeed her youngest son, just one year old, and has to force her eldest son, 12, who saw Somane Duula hit his brother and run away.

Around them a cordon of solidarity was triggered by friends but also by the mayor Andrea Gnassi who stayed with the family all Saturday night and also spent a large part of Sunday close to his parents. As soon as I found out what had happened I called his father on the phone – he explains – then I ran to them to bring warmth and the presence of the state. I alerted the social services because it was necessary to give qualified and immediate support to this family who was understandably in shock but who waited with great dignity and composure for news from the doctors. An extraordinary couple as evidenced by the numerous people who came to visit them, including many parents of the boys’ schoolmates, demonstrating that they are perfectly integrated. The child speaks Rimini better than me.

Tamin works in one established multinational from Rimini and highly appreciated for his professionalism and attachment to work.
I have to be with my son but
how do i tell the boss that tomorrow I won’t be able to show up at the company ?, he said worriedly to the mayor.

He has always called me this and a model employee – he says Maurizio Focchi, 68 years old, owner of the group of the same name in Poggio Torriana, pride of the made in Italy in the construction world -. I met him when we built a construction site in Shanghai in 2007. Ours is a precision job and it is not easy to find qualified employees like him. This is why I was happy when he asked me to be able to work in Italy: I did everything to get him to us. When, thirteen years ago, he asked me for permission to get married in Bangladesh, I was sure he would create a beautiful family in our country. Saturday night, received the phone call from the mayor Gnassi, I rushed to the hospital to force him, make myself available and reassure him. As soon as the baby woke up he sent me a video where he was smiling, I got so excited.

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