Verstappen-Hamilton and the specter of Adelaide ’94 – F1 Piloti – Formula 1

Verstappen-Hamilton and the specter of Adelaide ’94 – F1 Piloti – Formula 1
Verstappen-Hamilton and the specter of Adelaide ’94 – F1 Piloti – Formula 1

Who knows what went through Damon’s mind Hill to the vision of the Monza accident between Lewis Hamilton e Max Verstappen. Perhaps something that the 1996 world champion knows very well, because the dynamics have some elements in common with the episode that decided the 1994 World Cup in Adelaide: then it was Michael Schumacher who closed his way and flew against the barriers, breaking however the suspension of the rival’s front left and thus obtaining a decisive ‘0-0’ in a world championship key. The FIA ​​found no evidence that the Kaiser had sought contact on purpose, and of course there are none to punish Max’s intentionality, even if Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff defined that of the Dutchman a ‘do it tactical‘, that is a successful attempt not to let the rival to the title escape.

Hill basically sees her as Wolff. According to the British, Verstappen intentionally sought contact with Hamilton: “I have to say, watching the replay, there was no way for Max to hold his position. He had to go outside, as Lewis did early in the race to avoid the accident. But he must have thought ‘I have to take him out‘. I don’t want to think this of any rider, but I think it was either an error of judgment or one move calculated to collide with LewisHill told the Brits of Sky Sports F1. “I know what I’m saying is strong stuff and I don’t like the idea of ​​blaming anyone for this, but Max remains ahead despite this being a race Mercedes should have won.“.

Hill’s opinion clearly cannot have any factual evidence, but the commissioners felt they should punish Verstappen for the incident. The Dutch driver will suffer a three-position penalty on the grid in Sochi. Another episode that brings up an already very tasty championship.



VerstappenHamilton specter Adelaide Piloti Formula

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