Health, the shock report of the Nursing Up: “50 vaccinated nurses a day fall ill with Covid, almost 2 thousand in a month”

Health, the shock report of the Nursing Up: “50 vaccinated nurses a day fall ill with Covid, almost 2 thousand in a month”
Health, the shock report of the Nursing Up: “50 vaccinated nurses a day fall ill with Covid, almost 2 thousand in a month”

“The data of the Istituto Superiore della Sanità are irrefutable and cannot be dangerously hidden”. It is the complaint of Antonio De Palma, National President of Nursing Up.

“1848 health workers infected in the last 30 days: worrying numbers, considering that 17 months have passed since the beginning of the pandemic, and 70% of Italians, obviously including nurses and doctors, were subjected to the two doses of the drug- anti covid.

What happen? Of course, we are not alone faced with the all too underestimated problem of the non-total effectiveness of vaccines. We nurses knew it when we decided to consciously undergo mass administration. The citizens were and are aware of it. But don’t tell us, faced with the explosion of variants, that everything is under control and that we should have expected it.

The anger of a union of the health professions like ours, which has always struggled alongside nurses, is not so much in learning about new infections, because we are used to struggle, to suffering. We have paid in terms of infections and human lives like no one, and we will certainly continue to do so. But we are outraged by not knowing what is really going on. INAIL is clear: 82% of health workers who fall ill in the health sector are still nurses. The category, which today, by far, is in first place in terms of number of deaths, among all Italian workers, is ours.

This is not a question of sterile polemics, we are those used to fighting and doing it in the silence of the rooms and wards of hospitals. But if to date, 50 nurses a day, almost all vaccinated, still suffer from Covid, we are entitled to an explanation. We want to shed light on what is happening ”.

“The Italian Health Departments should immediately clarify what has been happening in their hospitals in recent weeks. In particular, in the Lazio Region, the news reports, supported by the internal investigations of our representatives, tell us about situations that are not entirely clear.

First that of Sant’Eugenio, where, in via dell’Umanesimo, three departments, Nephrology, Geriatrics and a part of Medicine, would have experienced a real outbreak in recent days.

The conditional remains a must, because no one wanted to answer our questions, and we wonder why. With lots of official requests, we have claimed to know, it is in our rights, the number of operators infected at Sant’Eugenio.

The journalists with whom we share this type of cross-investigation have hypothesized that we have reached 6 infections of health workers. But is it really the truth? The only official replica that arrived left us stunned: it’s all solved! When for two days our representatives informed us of dozens of health workers lined up at the drive in to carry out swabs.

Now, to the Sant’Eugenio case, is added that of the Castelli Hospital, with the surgery department closed to new hospitalizations.

We want to know the real situation of health professionals, regarding new infections, in particular those who have already been vaccinated at the beginning of the year.

We want to understand to what extent the already vaccinated nurses are getting sick again, we want to know if this surge in cases has been taken into consideration by the supervisory bodies in order to evaluate the real effectiveness of the vaccine.

In short, if in such a restricted context, namely that of Italian hospitals, where the risk of encountering the virus is higher, in just one month the number of new healthcare workers infected jumped to 2000 despite all the prevention rules applied today, from masks to overalls and everything else, what would happen to normal vaccinated citizens, if there was a resurgence of pervasiveness of Sars-Cov 2, and therefore if the virus returned to circulate, even for a short time, in schools, offices or in Italian public places where there is not the same level of use of prevention tools as is the case in hospitals?

If the number of re-infected citizens in relation to their total number were similar in percentage to that of nurses who become infected in hospitals today, could we really be sure of the current, declared, level of protection attributed to vaccines?

ISS data must be taken seriously: no one has the right to hide the truth when the health of nurses and citizens is at stake.

We want to know what happens in public health organizations. Too convenient to close any information to the outside. Who is afraid of public opinion? Who is afraid of union action and that of the press?

Screenings on the health conditions of operators already subjected to the administrations, and in particular the control of their antibody levels, are sporadic, except in rare cases. We certainly cannot wait for the outbreaks of the outbreaks to carry out mass swabs among NHS employees. As well as clarity, once and for all, regarding the third dose. We have already asked specifically with a recent press release. It is clear that, in light of the new infections, we are today facing a potential reduction in immunity for nurses who were vaccinated between January and February 2021. What are we waiting for to make decisive decisions, and above all certain and valid for all? “

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