Tito Livraghi presents his new book

Tito Livraghi presents his new book
Tito Livraghi presents his new book

Milano – Thursday 16 September 2021, at 18.00, at the court of honor of Palazzo Sormani in Milan, Tito Livraghi presents his book Milan was born Celtic. Together with the author he intervenes Gianluca Emeri of the Neighborhood Library.

Milano – The Celtic world is so diversified that it is almost impossible to achieve a complete understanding of it. The nationalist rhetoric of the Romans conquerors and civilizers has also long preferred to exclude theinterference of a pre-Roman past while noteworthy. Livraghi’s new book meticulously reports what has been written about Celts who populated Italy, making particular reference to the Lombardy and a Milano, on the basis of historical sources, archaeological research and today’s essays. Trying, once more, that the story can be really exciting when you know how to tell it.

Milano – The meeting is a free entry subject to availability, with the obligation of the Green Pass and prior reservation. For info 800 880066 (call from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 18.00).

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Tito Livraghi presents book

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