REPORT CARDS Milan – Lazio, light off for the big names. Thus the defense collapses

REPORT CARDS Milan – Lazio, light off for the big names. Thus the defense collapses
REPORT CARDS Milan – Lazio, light off for the big names. Thus the defense collapses

REINA 5,5: Leao stops and kicks too close: he doesn’t let him escape and slips into the corner. Kessie displaces him, but grace him by hitting the crossbar. For Ibrahimovic it is a joke to put it in. Milan press across the board, which is why even with their feet they are less effective than usual.

MARUSIC 5,5: He doesn’t push and in containment he suffers like the rest of the team. Leao comes out behind him in the first half, is saved by the imprecision of the attacker. He comes out after 20 minutes in the second half, the story with the change does not change.

From 64 ‘LAZZARI 5.5: He throws himself forward, leaving the band found free from the sudden verticalization of Tonali uncovered.

LUIZ FELIPE 5: He fails to oppose Leao’s 1-0 shot, not even talking about the counterattack that leads Rebic to point it on the left: the ball passes between his legs and ends up on Ibra’s foot. Some rough intervention, a good slip, but a bad night goes by.

ACERBI 5: He does not follow Ibra on the doubling: he sees Luiz Felipe in difficulty, he is attracted by the ball or by the possible doubling, instead Rebic immediately serves her to the Swede who mocked him. Lazio is in trouble from start to finish, it is not easy to resist in this way.

HYSAJ 5: A couple of good plays at the beginning of the game, then it collapses far and wide. Guilty like his team mates at 2-0, he can’t make it back to avoid Ibrahimovic’s shot from two steps.

MILINKOVIC 5: Kessié follows him across the board that not even his shadow. It takes his breath away, he can’t even dominate from a physical point of view. Too bad, the 250th in biancoceleste is a huge effort.

Dal 74’ BASIC 6: Debut with Lazio, he enters the game already compromised. Demonstrates on a free-kick cross, but there was no need, to have a nice left.

LEIVA 5,5: Dab as much as he can, but he lets Leao jump too easily in the action that unlocks the result. The Portuguese just move it to get the green light to the penalty area. Among the three in the middle it is however the least worst.

LUIS ALBERTO 5: Very dull. He touches a few balls, it is almost an absolute novelty to see him so estranged. The only thing he remembers from his match are the protests after a non-foul. That slip had been one of the few useful plays.

FELIPE ANDERSON 5: Half a cue before the break, in the second half it is noticeable only for a stop with the glue on the boot. Too little to affect, especially in a match like the one with Milan at San Siro.

From 64 ‘ZACCAGNI 6: As soon as he enters he focuses and tries the conclusion. Half an hour in which he can little and nothing given the attitude and difficulties of the team.

IMMOBILE 5: Caged, the first chance on the left-handed when there are 10 minutes to go. At the end of the first half he commits the penalty foul on Kessié for a clumsy kick. Completely defused.

Dall’84 ‘MURIQI sv

PEDRO 5,5: He moves all over the front, left and right, comes to the middle of the field to give one more solution. Even he, despite everything, never makes himself dangerous. He comes out in the finale because there is now nothing more to be done.

From 84 ‘MORO sv

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