Roma-Sassuolo 2-1, the Retesport report cards

Roma-Sassuolo 2-1, the Retesport report cards
Roma-Sassuolo 2-1, the Retesport report cards

Roma wins the third consecutive match in the league, the fifth since the beginning of the season and returns to watch the rest of Serie A from up there (albeit in cohabitation with Milan and Napoli). A high altitude sensation that the Giallorossi had been missing for several seasons. Decisive against Sassuolo Cristante but above all El Shaarawy who, having taken over from the bench, unsheathed one of his pearls around, taking the whole team with him and Mourinho under the South.


  • Rui Patricio 7.5
  • El Shaarawy 7,5
  • Cristante 7

The Retesport report cards by Francesco Oddo Casano:

Rui Patricio 7.5 – First time of absolute tranquility, then in the second half he is forced to wear work gloves and pick several balls that with other performers in his place would have ended up on the net. Two or three interventions bordering on the miraculous, decisive to allow the Giallorossi to hope and grab the victory in the final

Karsdorp 6 – Sufficient performance for the Dutchman who has a decidedly insidious opponent to deal with, at times illegal given the shots on the short unlined by Boga. In the offensive phase he offers several insidious balls, one above all that Abraham fails to shoot on the net

Mancini 5,5 – Raspadori’s speed suffers so much in the first half, he struggles to remedy the excessive imbalance of the team in the second half when in some situations the Sassuolo forwards seem to enter from all sides like water in a boat with a hole in the bottom

Ibanez 6 – Very complicated first race for the Brazilian, who is facing one of the best offensive maneuvers in Italy. A lot of nastiness but also some difficulties in keeping the opposing strikers at bay especially in the central part of the second half. On the goal he is surprised under the legs by Berardi’s suggestion for a goal like Djuricic but then he is quick to save a ball that deflected by Rui Patricio would have ended up in the goal

Vina 6.5 – It deserves a vote fully sufficient for the heart literally thrown into the field despite having landed in Rome only 24 hours ago from South America. He played a game of great physical strength and vigor especially in the first 55 minutes, then dropping at the distance as it was normal

Cristante 7 – Not only equalizer but also goalscorer. Bryan regularly finds his way back to the net after almost a year of absence on the scoresheet. He concludes a superfine scheme studied in training and shows great lucidity in the middle of the field despite the continuous overturning in front.

Veretall 5.5 – Fatigued and down in tone compared to the sparkling version of the Jordan driving the first seasonal challenges. Recharge the batteries

Zaniolo 5.5 – He is there but fails to get the right play in the last 20 meters. He crashes on the right out, engaging Rogerio in a duel almost like a far west. He comes out exhausted with the gun empty of ammunition

Pilgrims 7 – Multitasking, omnipresent, starting from the assist of the advantage to continue with a series of sumptuous plays that mark the difference between the normal and the enlightened. Three sensational coils that are extinguished at the bottom could open the ways of the heart towards the South. It will be done again. They happen with a capital C even when they move back to the median to try to find the right corridor.

Mkhitaryan 5 – No evening for the herd, evidently returned not at his best from the round of matches with the national team

Abraham 6,5 – The attitude is that of a thoroughbred horse that you cannot contain and that you cannot harness, ever. If it escapes you, it makes you dry. He comes close in the first half, stops again on the post in the second half, but then goes to recover a ball under Monte Mario in the 88th minute, snatching it from Boga who was on the counterattack. Rare animal, to cultivate

Mourinho 7 – It is a special evening, like the number of its benches, like the free-kick scheme that brings Roma ahead, but also like the risks taken by the bench at the time of the swirl of changes that on the 1-1 that draw a Roma with the 4-2-4, unscrupulous but hoping to snatch another 3 points. The final spirit is in the childish race under the South, with the whole team, with all the staff. Rome is united and in this compactness it wants to build its successes

El Shaarawy 7,5 – He had been waiting for this moment perhaps for a year. His return to Rome coincided with a good goal in the Europa League and little, very little else. So many physical problems and so many difficulties. Mourinho does not consider him an owner, but is trying to brush him up. Second by second, training after training. The pearl around in the final, throws into the net and then under the South all the frustration for these 2 years of not football. Now the Pharaoh has truly returned.
Shomurodov 6.5
Perez 6
Reynolds sv

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