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Anna Tatangelo surprises everyone: “I suffered a lot …” – the Democrat

Anna Tatangelo surprises everyone: “I suffered a lot …” – the Democrat
Anna Tatangelo surprises everyone: “I suffered a lot …” – the Democrat

Anna Tatangelo confessed that she suffered a lot in a particular period of her life due to a problem that she did not solve. Here’s what it is.

Anna Tatangelo (WebSource)

Anna Tatangelo is an Italian singer who also delights as an actress and presenter.

Born in Sora in 1987, in 1994 he began to participate in some provincial and regional singing festivals.

In 1999 it comes second to Minifestival of Viterbo, winning it the following year. In 2001 he participates in the concert The golden note of Blera, and wins the traveling competition Great on tour in the stage of Sora.

In the summer of the same year she was selected by the Rai to take part in the Girofestival, where he presents his first song Where is the courage and signs his first recording contract with CSB Italy – Casalba also shooting his first video clip.

Anna perfected her vocal skills at theSora Music Academy,

In September 2001 he participates and wins theASanremo Song Academy bringing a cover of the song The angel from Syria winning a place in the Youth category of the Sanremo Festival 2002 and then come out the winner with the song Doubly Fragile.

After the Sanremo victory he presents together with Pippo Baudo e Silvia Midnight the transmission Sanremo Top and affects with Gigi D’Alessio the song A new kiss.

After numerous successes, in 2005 he returned for the third time to Sanremo Festival bringing the song into competition Suburban girl, considered his most loved song by the public.

In the years, Anna Tatangelo, turned out to be a versatile woman given her presence as a host on many TV shows and as an actress in the film A Christmas in the South.

The singer will be busy from Sunday 19 September with the conduct of Story from a wedding which will air on Channel 5 in the early afternoon.

Sentimentally, she has been linked with Gigi D’Alessio with whom he had a son Andrea born in 2010. She is currently engaged with her colleague Livio Cori.

The confession of Anna Tatangelo

Anna Tatangelo (WebSource)

Anna Tatangelo, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, he confessed to having suffered a lot due to the failure to marry his former partner Gigi D’Alessio.

“Don’t be married to Gigi it hurt me. I suffered a lot, even our son asked us to do it “- says the singer -” But there was a bond that went beyond that. As a child I dreamed of the white dress and marriage is a sacrament in which I believe. I’m 34 years old, I’m still in time to get married“.

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