Why Britain has said no to the green pass

Why Britain has said no to the green pass
Why Britain has said no to the green pass

Green pass Yes or no? For weeks, public opinion in Italy has been divided between those who are in favor of green certification and those who are against it (and are making themselves heard with protests in the most important cities of Italy). There are countries, however, that have already taken a position and it is contraria al green pass: one of the first to take this decision was Denmark, which is now being joined by Great Britain.

Yet the premier Boris Johnson he intended to take an example from other European countries by introducing theobligation of certification in some circumstances. After Brexit, however, there is another “break” with the European Union: step back, the idea of ​​the green pass is abandoned.

Britain travels on a weekly average of around 37,000 infections a day, driven by the Delta variant which is now the most widespread in Europe. Not many, but not even few, deaths: we are on average around 140 deaths a day from Covid.

Nevertheless no green pass, not even in view of the arrival of the season which according to experts could lead to a new surge in infections.

Why Britain has said no to the green pass

In the last week a country like Switzerland has chosen to emulate Italy by adopting a policy in favor of the obligation of the green pass in certain circumstances.

Great Britain seemed to have to do the same, where the idea of ​​introducing the vaccine passport was feared in three different areas:

  • cinema;
  • sport events;
  • discos.

A decision that must have made Prime Minister Boris Johnson go through sleepless nights, so much so that he eventually changed his mind by deciding to do not continue with the process. It should have come into effect at the end of September, but in the end it will not be so: in Great Britain it therefore remains a free everyone, with data that are even worse than those of Italy where, according to the latest bulletin, the infections were 4.664 (and 34 deaths).

It must be said that it is one political decision: for Boris Johnson, in fact, this risked being a defeat in Parliament. There does not seem to be a majority here to pass a provision in favor of the green pass: among the conservatives, Johnson’s party, there is a large slice of parliamentarians who have spoken of the obligation to certify as a measure “coercive and discriminatory“. Totally opposed i liberal democrats, as well as Labor leader Keir Starmer, according to whom the green pass is totally contrary to “British spirit”.

Green pass contrary to the British spirit

And actually it is just as claimed by Keir Starmer. We remember, in fact, that the Great Britain does not use identity cards, as these are considered as a serious attack on personal freedom. Here not even the polling station is asked the voter to identify himself, let alone what would happen if there were to be a green pass obligation.

The official motivation of the Government

Boris Johnson, however, did not refer to the “political” question. Indeed, this stated that according to scientists the vaccination coverage reached by Great Britain is enough to counteract a possible winter wave.

On the other hand, according to experts, a green light like the one decided by the British government should have led to approx 200 thousand infections a day. This was not the case as – as anticipated – the curve settled on 30 thousand infected every day. And the hospitalizations were sustainable thanks to the vaccination campaign. Here too, among other things, the administration of the third dose is about to begin.

Great Britain confident for the future

Great Britain is therefore confident for the future and – despite some fears for this winter, when the winter flu should overlap Covid – we are already thinking about the after pandemic.

The confirmation could arrive as early as next week: according to news coming from the United Kingdom, in fact, Boris Johnson is about to announce the end of emergency legislation, with the Government effectively renouncing the possibility of imposing restrictions.

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