“Saelemaekers? A gesture that is not done. Ibra made him apologize”

“Saelemaekers? A gesture that is not done. Ibra made him apologize”
“Saelemaekers? A gesture that is not done. Ibra made him apologize”

Maurizio Sarri spoke to Dazn at the end of the match, also clarifying the reason for the quarrel with the Belgian and the expulsion.

Maurizio Sarri (Getty Images)

What happened with Saelemaekers

“A boy made a gesture that older people do not do, then Ibra led him to apologize, but nothing special”.

The Milan attacking midfielders took the ball between the lines too easily. Where was the problem?

“If you become a waiter with a flat line, the ball is bound to pass. If we went to press more insistently. If the defender realizes he is late he must avoid “.

Did the team think too much on the pitch?

“Changing the way you play must change the way you think and the time to think leads you to be late. The team must have the courage to press in the opposing half of the pitch, otherwise you risk losing without playing “.

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Were you afraid of a bad performance after the break?

“When you come from a stop there is always an unknown factor. You are alienated from a way of playing, there are physical problems and there are games in which the unknown is strong, especially for a team like us that does not yet have a well-defined identity “.

What disappointed you the most about today’s game?

“The fact that we didn’t play the match we had prepared. We started waiting for the opponent in our half of the pitch. But we must also understand that these guys are asking for something different they were used to “.

How did you see Immobile after the criticisms in the national team?

“Numbers don’t matter that much. There are national teams who have won with forwards who have scored little. For some, numbers count for little, for others more “.


Saelemaekers gesture Ibra apologize

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