Fire in Marina di Pietrasanta: it started from the candles of a wake

Fire in Marina di Pietrasanta: it started from the candles of a wake
Fire in Marina di Pietrasanta: it started from the candles of a wake

Marina di Pietrasanta (Lucca), 12 September 2021 – Some candles lit during a wake: he would have left hence the fire that affected an entire building from Marina di Pietrasanta, with one person burned and two others in the hospital for inhaling smoke. Plus twenty people who do not currently have a home, as the apartments are unusable.

Some affected by flames and others invaded by smoke. It was a scary night between Saturday and Sunday in via Ficalucci a Marina di Pietrasanta. Only the readiness of some condominiums, who warned the others who were asleep, prevented the budget from being much heavier.

Flames that would have started due to some candles, arranged and lit for the wake of an eighty-year-old who died the day before, for whom the family was awaiting the funeral. Around two o’clock the flames, started from the second floor. In a short time the smoke invaded the stairwell and the other apartments. Waking up with a start, twenty people in all, or those who were in the apartment, managed to escape.

In the meantime, the alarm had been given to the firefighters, who had arrived from several barracks. They helped the condominiums to go out, while in the meantime the 118 ambulances were also arriving. The toll is two slightly intoxicated but already discharged people and an eighty-year-old woman with burns and facial trauma. The woman was first taken to the Versilia hospital and then transferred to the Cisanello Large Burn Center.

The building is owned by the Municipality and used as a public residential building, under management all’Erp Lucca. On the sidelines of the stake, Mayor Giovannetti explained that the Municipality immediately took action “to put the accommodations back in order” and “checks are underway on the stairwell to access the apartments not touched by the fire. The fire broke out in the night and some tenants warned the other inhabitants of the building who were sleeping about the flames, thus avoiding the worst “.

Meanwhile, the apartments are unusable. In the meantime, the families, helped by the fire brigade staff, recover their personal effects from the apartments. Of the people who were temporarily homeless, two were placed in hotels and the others by family members.

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