the software that controls entrances makes its debut, risk of chaos for teachers (and parents) –

the software that controls entrances makes its debut, risk of chaos for teachers (and parents) –
the software that controls entrances makes its debut, risk of chaos for teachers (and parents) –

The platform for automatic control is launched, the fears of the principals. Four million students in the classroom. Parents of nursery children and controls: risk of chaos

In Canosa di Puglia, Fr Antonio Turturro thought that heavenly intervention was also necessary to propitiate the return to class and invited the students of his city to bring backpacks to church: he blessed about thirty, already full of books and notebooks. The Anief union, on the other hand, found it more useful to place a strike the first day of school to be heard immediately. The students will try to attract attention after class with a demonstration in Rome with the non-peregrine title: New year same problems. The mayor of Milan Beppe Sala instead announced that this morning he will be in the office all the time with his pc and computer on to verify that everything is working on this day that could be field.

Thus begins the 2021-2022 school year for nearly four million students. September 13 also becomes a symbolic day for the country: not only for the students for whom the first bell rings today: from Abruzzo to Basilicata, from Emilia-Romagna to Lazio, from Lombardy to Piedmont, to Umbria, to Veneto, the Aosta Valley and the Province of Trento. Tomorrow it will be the turn of the students of Sardinia, Wednesday in Campania, Liguria, Marche, Molise and Tuscany, and on September 16 in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Sicily. The last to return to class will be the students of Puglia and Calabria, next Monday 20 September.

The platform and the risk of blocks

The principals spent the weekend studying the instructions for the new platform for the automatic control of the school staff green pass, released on Friday: yesterday afternoon, 1300 school leaders tested the system. Debutter this morning: green stamp next to the name of those who are in place with the green pass and red for those who do not have it. The principal or his delegate will have to ask for an account and understand if there is a bureaucratic delay in updating the data by the ASL or if the employee is not up to date and therefore cannot enter the school and will have an unjustified absence. Four absences due to lack of green passes e you lose your place and the salary until you get back in good standing with the vaccination or swabs. The fears of the principals continue to be many: if the platform were to crash as it happens from time to time with the information system of the ministry the entrance to the school could become chaotic. Municipal schools and peer schools are not involved in the adoption of the platform for now and will have to continue with the manual control with the mobile phone, protests Mario Rusconi, head of the Lazio presidium association.

The green pass for parents

If the unknown of the green pass platform concerns all schools, great attention is also paid to the little ones. According to the complaint of the specialized magazine Tuttoscuola, the introduction of the obligation of a green pass also for parents who enter schools to leave their children, as foreseen by the decree approved in extremis last Thursday, has created problems: It promises a difficult day for one million and 330 thousand children aged 3 to 5 in kindergarten and their parents. In this normal age group the presence of parents at the beginning of school activity to facilitate integration. Even with an average of half a minute per person, in a school with 100 children, the waiting time for parents could be up to 50 minutes.

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