Mayor of Rome / Il Punto: the unknown Calenda is growing

Mayor of Rome / Il Punto: the unknown Calenda is growing
Mayor of Rome / Il Punto: the unknown Calenda is growing

Thanks to his pounding ” action ”, door to door, he rose in the polls to around 20 percent to the detriment of Virginia Raggi, who improved instead according to a different poll. The swing of preferences indicates that the games are still open and the electoral campaign important.

From the afternoon of Saturday 4 September, after the deadline for submitting lists and candidacies to the Municipality and in the fifteen municipalities of the city, the electoral campaign for the vote on 3 and 4 October has officially begun in Rome. So far, also given the August holiday period and the lack of definition of the lists, the political climate has experienced few jolts, but now it has come to life and certainly the electoral campaign will flare up involving more and more citizens. It should also be noted that in the capital there will also be a vote for a seat in the Chamber, precisely in the Primavalle college, to replace Giulia Del Re, elected in 2018 for the M5S, who resigned because she took on a new position incompatible with the position of parliamentary.

At the moment, the situation appears quite certain as regards the access to the ballot of one of the candidates for the tricolor band. Enrico Michetti, center-right, according to almost all the polls carried out so far, is firmly in the lead over the other competitors and unassailable in the first position also due to the strength of the coalition that supports him. More complicated is the situation behind him. Until a few days ago Roberto Gualtieri, center-left, seemed calm in second position (which guarantees access to the second round of voting) only threatened by Virginia Raggi, outgoing mayor, who around his candidacy has collected not only the M5S, but also four civic lists. More detached from everyone appeared Carlo Calenda, who seemed destined to occupy the fourth square.

In recent days, however, the situation behind Michetti would have changed. Gualtieri – according to the Swg survey – no longer appears threatened by the Rays, but by the leader of Action who, thanks to his pounding campaign, almost a “door to door”, has risen from 15%, where he seemed stuck for some time, to 19- 23% of the latest SWG survey, (the former Minister of Economy of the Conte Due government instead has a gap between 25% and 29%), while the Raggi is down (15-19 percent).

Two factors most likely played against the outgoing mayor. The first is given by the pentastellate internal divisions. Roberta Lombardi, group leader of the cinquestelle at the Lazio Region and councilor in the council of Nicola Zingaretti, who has never hidden her opposition to the re-nomination of the Rays, in a recent interview stated, regarding Rome, that “I have been stateless since 2016” (coincidentally the year in which his “rival” was elected mayor) and that in the ballot, already taking the defeat of the Movement for granted, he will vote for Gualtieri.

The other factor is given by the decision of Giuseppe Conte, now at the head of the M5S, not to put forward any candidacy in the Roman by-elections and not even to support the candidacy of the former defense minister of the yellow-green government, Elisabetta Trenta, appointed to that charge at grillina altitude, which therefore gave up running for the Montecitorio seat. There are therefore four competing: Pasquale Calzetta (FI) for the center-right; Andrea Casu (city secretary of the Democratic Party) for the center-left, Antonio Cocco for the Liberals who also counts on the support of Vittorio Sgarbi, and Luca Palamara, expelled from the judiciary after the “robes scandal”. This renunciation has been interpreted by most as indirect support for the Democratic Party, which can also be used as a signal for the Municipality.

This according to the Swg. The survey carried out between 8 and 9 September by Izi was quite different, according to which the difference between Michetti and Gualtieri would be only one percentage point in favor of the former (25.9% against 25%). Even for the Rays things would be better. In fact, it would be in third place with 20.7% of the votes against Calenda’s 18.4%. As we can see, conflicting results that these days of electoral campaign could overturn

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