Tua Pescara-Rome train debuts, today safety test – Abruzzo

Tua Pescara-Rome train debuts, today safety test – Abruzzo
Tua Pescara-Rome train debuts, today safety test – Abruzzo

From Lanciano, race to acquire safety certifications

(ANSA) – PESCARA, 12 SEPTEMBER – The test run was carried out today to acquire the safety certifications necessary to activate a possible fast connection by rail from the Adriatic coast to the capital.

The TUA Railway Division, in fact, is implementing a series of requirements to test the technical feasibility, in terms of skills and rolling stock, for the construction of the connection.

The test run, carried out with a TUA “Lupetto” train, started from the Lanciano station and touched the stations of Pescara, Sulmona, Avezzano, Tivoli and Roma Termini.

“We have always supported the potential of the railway service – declared Gianfranco Giuliante, president of TUA – and today’s test race that connected the coast with the capital and touched the main centers of the Abruzzo hinterland, demonstrates the concrete possibility of realizing the connection with our trains. We wanted to technically verify the feasibility of the project and we can be largely satisfied with the results “.

The test run took place regularly and allowed the TUA instructors to acquire the operational contexts who will then extend the skills to all the personnel involved. To accelerate the entrepreneurial and industrial process, concerning the implementation of the transport offer, was the new Director of the Railway Division of TUA, Enrico Dolfi, coming from the private railway world: “We evaluated the technical impacts of the fast service both in terms of resources both of rolling stock and analyzed the operational effects – explained Enrico Dolfi – which could find a concrete realization in light of the forthcoming delivery of further latest generation Alstom electric trains with greater capacities that I hope will be able to enter service by the end of 2022 with a collaboration project for a market service that we will quickly submit to the top management of Trenitalia “. (HANDLE).


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Tua PescaraRome train debuts today safety test Abruzzo

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