Roma report cards – El Shaarawy blows up the Olimpico. Pellegrini, leader reaction

Roma report cards – El Shaarawy blows up the Olimpico. Pellegrini, leader reaction
Roma report cards – El Shaarawy blows up the Olimpico. Pellegrini, leader reaction

Rome 2-1 Sassuolo
Markers: 37 ‘Cristante, 58’ Djuricic, 90 ‘+ 2 El Shaarawy

Rui Patricio 7.5 – No intervention worthy of note in the first forty-five, but he always has to stay alert, because Sassuolo has quality and always gives the impression of being able to hurt. He does it with Berardi, who pierces him from a few steps away, but luckily for the Giallorossi the action is spoiled by Raspadori’s previous offside. He can’t do anything about Djuricic’s tap-in; he could little even on Berardi’s one-meter blow, but he wears the cloak for a few seconds and saves the result with a great intervention. Another prodigy, a little later, on Boga.

Karsdorp 6,5 – Mourinho demands drive and intensity, he executes with dedication. He keeps Rogerio busy, and towards the end of the first fraction he picks up a lob itchy for the defense of Sassuolo, not turned into a net by Abraham for centimeters. In the second half he drops a bit, and makes more mistakes, but his evening remains positive. (Dall’89 ‘Reynolds All).

Mancini 6 – He suffers, more for structural reasons than from a defect in his readings, the sudden accelerations of Sassuolo. It has the merit of acknowledging it and organizing accordingly: it is not always impeccable, but it holds up better than its companion in the department.

Ibanez 5.5 – A little bit of a cross and a little bit of delight, as often happens to him. The explosiveness masks here and there some slight flaws, risks big with an error in setting that triggers a dangerous counterattack of Sassuolo. But he also fills his evening with many well-executed interventions. Not on Sassuolo’s one to one: Berardi’s ball passes between his legs before Djuricic’s winning turn.

Vineyard 5 – This Rome cannot ignore its low sides. He starts very well, with generosity, even if he is not always impeccable in his choices. Berardi drinks it and stamps it, but the VAR graces it. Script that is repeated after the interval, but this time the dribble of the opposite is followed by the assist for one to one of Djuricic.

Cristante 6,5 – Above average tactical intelligence, and a good dose of cunning. The goal of the one to zero is a case in point: he starts on the edge of the offside, taking advantage of the sleep of the whole neroverde line, and beats Advice out with the scavetto. A little lazy at the end of Scamacca, who sets the pace like Sassuolo.

Veretout 6 – A good ductility for all seasons. He knows how to be a caustic raider, annoying for the opposing defenses, but also a man of order in midfield. One like this, for Mourinho (but not only), is worth gold. Tonight is not transcendental, but it does his. (Dal 74 ‘Carles Pérez 6 – Decisive entry, with the right attitude).

Zaniolo 5.5 – Mou does not give it up, even if the physical condition is perfect. He works hard, but the fact that he does not yet have those tears that make up the bulk of his repertoire inevitably affects him. (Dal 74 ‘Shomurodov 6 – Dangerous in the final with a conclusion per lap).

Pilgrims 7 – Thirty-five minutes intermittently, then a flash is enough to determine. Clever and clinical ball for Cristante’s cut, who makes a zero after a textbook entry. He takes the chair after one by one, as a true leader, even if he lacks a bit of clarity in the final phase.

Mkhitaryan 5,5 – The first half of the Armenian can be reviewed: few ideas, only one (weak) conclusion towards the mirror of Consiglio. Toljan tries to stamp it and often defuses it properly. In the second half the canvas is roughly the same: he returns to the base first. (Dal 70′ El Shaarawy 7,5 – Around, with the trademark: a goal that is a paroxysm of joy).

Abraham 6 – It is difficult to ignore all his desire to be immediately the protagonist. He has the qualities to make a department on his own: he uses his body, he plays on the side. And when he can, he sharpens his claws, like when Karsdorp needs a big ball and he sends to the side by a breath. Unfortunate (and a bit wasteful) on the wood hit after the great reflection of Consiglio su Pellegrini.

Jose Mourinho 6.5 – Roma resembles him more and more: beautiful when it must be beautiful, dirty when there is to get dirty. The goal in the final is not a coincidence, but the fruit of a never tamed spirit that he has already managed to convey to the team.

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