Here is the new accessible playground at the Bertoli Gardens in Milan

Here is the new accessible playground at the Bertoli Gardens in Milan
Here is the new accessible playground at the Bertoli Gardens in Milan

The new accessible playground was inaugurated in the Bertoli Gardens, in Town Hall 8. The new equipped area is part of the larger project for the Game at the Center-Playgrounds for All, launched in 2018 by the Municipality together with the Fondazione di Comunità Milano with the aim to create accessible equipped areas with rides and inclusive games in the public parks of the nine municipalities.

This is the sixth intervention after those carried out in the Montanelli Gardens (Town Hall 1), the Villa Finzi park (Town Hall 2), the Martinetti Gardens (Town Hall 7), the Ezio Lucarelli Gardens (Town Hall 3) and in Piazza Paci (Town Hall 6). .

The new playground offers a path that crosses the park connecting the different heights of the terrain and the existing paths. A first island is dedicated to the first experiences, with simple games to start having fun; next to this area a green carpet has been designed, a protected area for children who require the presence of an adult. Continuing along the path, you will find the area of ​​the swings, with many different ways of swinging; a movement area for the most dynamic games and a creative area with tables for drawing, manipulating, socializing, having a snack; as well as a marble track and a theater area.

Among the various experiences proposed, the games of the musical area, located at the center of the path, certainly represent the symbol of this new park, a tribute to the singer-songwriter Pierangelo Bertoli with reed and percussion instruments, objects that also offer a tactile and visual important. For the first time the park will be told through the use of multisensory panels and maps, through different languages, from Braille to augmentative communication, to sound language and to Italian sign language. In addition to the transmission of the content, the presence of these different communication codes represents an important means of disseminating their knowledge among children. The path is also indicated by a tactile-plantar signal, useful for blind or visually impaired people.

The creation of this new play area, curated by the Social Housing Foundation, continues the path aimed at expanding the concept of social inclusion to children of different ages and with different abilities and sensitivities and to promote the presence of paths and activities designed to enhance their different abilities. and children’s attitudes within the daily processes of interaction. The new playground is developed in the green area on the side of via Quarenghi, in the immediate vicinity of three school complexes and within the linear park that crosses the Gallaratese district, in the heart of Municipio 8. An area of ​​about 2 thousand square meters that the project redesigns with areas of new flooring that alternate anti-fall rubber and draining flooring, always with a view to accessibility.

Game at the Center-Playgrounds for All is a laboratory that evolves thanks to the experience gained in the field and the indications of citizens with proposals for improvement. The design of each playground involves the examination of the Municipality for the urban aspects, the sharing with the Delegated Associations at the Permanent Disability Table and the delegate of the Mayor for Accessibility policies, Lisa Noja; the work makes use of the pedagogical experience of L’abilità non-profit organization, the skills of ANFFAS, Pio Istituto dei Sordi, UILDM and LEDHA Milan, UICI and the international experience of Inter Campus. In addition to creating play spaces and structures, the Play at the Center-Playgrounds for All project promotes the culture of respect for disability; in fact, the project is linked to educational and awareness-raising activities in schools and a program of entertainment initiatives in the new play area aimed at strengthening the solidarity networks present in the area.

Thanks to the collaboration with the social cooperative Nuova Umanità, until August 2023, creative and sports workshops and awareness-raising activities on the issue of disability and diversity will be activated in schools (from infant-toddler centers to lower secondary schools) and in places frequented by the boys of the Municipality. The park will be animated with a rich program of aggregative events, transversal to the age groups, accessible to people with disabilities and with the active involvement of the inhabitants. A broad and articulated program that benefits from the support of a diversified network of realities active in the area.

The solidarity of citizens is needed to make the Game at the Playground Center-Playground for All project grow. The Fondazione di Comunità Milano has activated a Solidarity Fund that collects donations from private citizens, businesses and entities that share the aims of the project. To find out more

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