“The cocaine …”. The confession of the Somali with the knife

“The cocaine …”. The confession of the Somali with the knife
“The cocaine …”. The confession of the Somali with the knife

He was under the influence of drugs Somalian Eduula, the 26-year-old from Somalia who yesterday became the protagonist of an episode of extreme violence in Rimini. Caught traveling on a line 11 bus by two female controllers, the stranger literally lost control, and did not hesitate to pull out a knife to gain an escape route. Determined to get away with it, Eduula stabbed five people: the two controllers and three passengers, including little Sunny, a child of only 6 years.

Stopped by police officers from Rimini, the 26-year-old was placed in custody and today underwent his first interrogation pending the validation hearing.

The confession

Still in a state of shock, Somale Eduula was questioned by the prosecutor Davide Ercolani. Unable to express himself in Italian, he managed to communicate in very poor English, so much so that in the end the prosecutor decided to suspend the session while waiting for an interpreter. The 26-year-old said he hired the cocaine before getting on the bus, which may have caused her fury. Represented by the lawyer Maria Riveccio, he is now imprisoned in a cell of the Casetti prison: next Tuesday he will have to appear before the judge for the preliminary investigations for the validation hearing. He is accused of aggravated injuries, attempted robbery and attempted murder.

The reactions

According to the latest news, Eduula had arrived in Europe in 2015 and had since wandered before reaching Italy, the country to which she had requested the refugee status. In the past he had already shown that he possessed a violent character.

The very serious case of Rimini naturally provoked the reaction of the center-right: Matteo Salvini has once again pointed the finger at the current Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese. “If you can’t, don’t know or don’t want to do your job, let someone else do it”, attacked the leader of the League. The comment against the 26-year-old is also tough:“Other than asylum, that lousy one should be kicked in the ass”, declared the secretary of the Carroccio, as reported by Adnkronos.

The conditions of the victims

According to the latest medical bulletins reported by Acted, both women in charge of ticket control are being treated at the Bufalini hospital in Cesena. One of them suffered multiple but superficial injuries and has already been discharged, while the other is still hospitalized in the emergency surgery department, with a prognosis of 60 days.

Sunny, the six-year-old boy originally from Bangladesh stabbed in the throat, is instead hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the Infermi hospital in Rimini. Francesca Raggi, director of the presidium, explained that “the control CT scan and the clinical examination did not show neurological damage”. The child is awake, and responds to the parents, but the prognosis is still reserved.

To save his life, the doctors had to carry out a delicate one surgery divided into two stages to reconstruct the carotid, which was severed after the blow inflicted by the Somali. “We will dissolve the prognosis tomorrow because it is a very delicate operation: the carotid artery carries blood to the brain. We were afraid that there had been brain damage, the CT scan excluded him and even the clinic seems to have excluded him. He is fine, he responds to stimuli”, told Agi Salvatore Tarantini, head of the vascular surgery team that performed the operation.

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