I do not descend to the level of those who offend me

I do not descend to the level of those who offend me
I do not descend to the level of those who offend me

Loretta Goggi publishes a bitter post on social media in which she announces her farewell after the insults suffered following the performance for the 40th anniversary of Maledetta Primavera. The offenses, which he does not explicitly mention, are related to his look and playback: “I have not sing or record for years […] However, it seemed wonderful to be there ”.

Despite the joy and the great emotion, the celebration for the 40 years of Cursed Spring reserved for Loretta Goggi also a negative surprise. It is she herself who explains, with a message that appeared on her Facebook page, that she had received many insults for the performance staged on Friday 10 September at Seat Music Awards, the event broadcast on Rai1 where space was reserved for his performance for the anniversary of the 1981 classic.

Criticisms that Loretta Goggi does not specify in detail, referring to generic insults arrived on her account regarding the look, as well as the choice of lip-synching Cursed Spring. Criticisms that however led her to make the decision to abandon social media. In the post in question Loretta Goggi shows all her regret for the events that occurred, relating to a moment that had also seen her get excited, precisely because of the reaction of the audience of the Verona Arena, who had sung her song in chorus, preventing her to keep tears at bay. This is his message:

My dear all, absolutely everyone, even those who follow me on other sites, I would like to be able to thank you one by one for having loved and followed me for 61 years, you know very well that I would not still be here without your support and your esteem. But today, in addition to gratitude, I would like to tell you about the regret I feel in reading comments, even on my official website, of an indescribable nastiness, arrogance, gratuitousness, such as to force my staff to delete some of them and I don’t like it. , however, education has a limit and my site must not give space to certain gentlemen. Censoring is not even nice. The only thing is to distance yourself from it. I will not list the insults that came on the occasion of one of the greatest emotions of my career, a moment I would have liked to enjoy together, in the common joy of a great goal achieved and certainly not to talk about make-up (I always make up alone and I like the one chosen for this year, no need to criticize it isn’t it? I change it according to my spirit), of a clown dress (a splendid Etro dress!), of cosmetic surgery (I challenge you to find on my face, near the ears or scars in my hair in this regard, I confess that I took a kilo though), of playback (used by everyone, except by those who, being a professional singer, were able to bring their band or play an instrument). I’ve been recording more for years, I don’t even know how to have a modern or updated base of your favorite song. However, it seemed wonderful to be there (like many others, in playback or without) to receive recognition for a song and an interpreter who after 40 are still in the hearts of millions of people. I had the highest listening of the evening and that is enough for me! I will not go down beyond the level of the lions and, what is saddest, of the lionesses (in the face of female solidarity!) of the keyboard, I have already gone beyond my style. decided to move away from social networks and the related insults that in addition to damaging the freedom of anyone on how you want to dress, comb your hair or make up one at home, but I doubt), they offend the common sense of good taste! I don’t do it just for me, who am a “tough”, but for all women and men who undergo body shaming. So here I am to tell you that this is my last visit, not only on my site, but also on all the others. !) to my paladins Vincenzo and Davide, whom I love very much and whom I feel and attend, and to all the relative admins who have accompanied my career with love in recent years and to the many, very dear fans. With great love, happiness

So the judge of Tale and Which Show, which will be back on the air Friday 17 September, in prime time on Rai1, he decides to get away from social networks forever. The messages of comfort that many wanted to send her in commentary on the post are useless, inviting her to give due weight to isolated insults and react following the affection of those who appreciated her the other night.

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