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School, about 4 million children return to school. Bianchi: ‘Finding great joy’ – Chronicle

School, about 4 million children return to school. Bianchi: ‘Finding great joy’ – Chronicle
School, about 4 million children return to school. Bianchi: ‘Finding great joy’ – Chronicle

“Getting together at school is a great joy. I would like to express my profound thanks to all of you, to the students and to the parents, to the school and administrative staff, central and territorial, as well as to the many people who contribute every day to the life of our schools. To all of you, my warmest wishes for a peaceful year of work and growth, together “. Minister Patrizio Bianchi writes this in the letter he sent to the school community. 7,407,312 students will sit among the school desks. government throughout Italy.
Tomorrow, 3,865,365 will return to school.

To date, 59,425 teachers have been hired with permanent contracts (of which 12,840 positions conferred on the basis of the procedures of the support decree bis). 10,729 ATAs are also hired. There are also 87,209 additional posts in derogation already assigned on the support. The data is disclosed by the Ministry of Education.

MOBILIZATION OF STUDENTS – Tomorrow will be the first day for high schools in most regions of Italy. In front of the Ministry of Education and more than fifty schools throughout the country and in major cities, including Rome, Palermo, Florence, Genoa, Bari, Padua and many others, students belonging to the Network of middle students will mobilize “to denounce – they explain – the lack of certainty on returning to school, the lack of involvement in the decisions taken and the inexistence of any investment plan for the future of the new generations, starting with the PNRR “. Appointment at the Ministry at 10:00. The return to school, for the second consecutive year, the students say, “seems to be a succession of slogans rather than ad hoc measures to guarantee the right to study for all. After two years of absence from school, we are happy that the Ministry is committed for the return in presence, but it is not enough to declare it. Too little has been done: on vaccinations not all the Regions have activated preferential channels for 12-18 years, on the spaces little has changed and there is too much confusion on the measures for safety inside the classrooms. Likewise, there is no government reasoning about the future of the new generations: the PNRR was written without listening to young people and we are afraid of the ways in which this money will be used. There are no answers on the environmental crisis on the part of the Government, there is no more time. We are a generation cornered, a generation that has counted zero in the last year and a half due to political will. we want to build schools and a society tailored to us. We want there to be zero compromises on the future. It’s time to start from scratch “.

CHILDHOOD SCHOOL AND GREEN PASS – Tomorrow is expected to be a difficult day for one million and 330 thousand children aged 3 to 5 in kindergarten and for their parents, of which 850 thousand attend state school and another 480 thousand in equal kindergarten . In this age group it is normal for parents to be present at the beginning of school activity to favor insertion and impact with the new environment, and also subsequently. At an average of half a minute per person, in a typical school with 100 children, the waiting time could be up to 50 minutes or half if two people are assigned to the control. For a school with 200 children, it could take up to 100 minutes with just one checker or half with two people. The calculations are made by the specialized magazine ‘Tuttoscuola’ which then highlights the difficulties that will arise in particular for disabled children and for all those whose parents do not have a green certificate.

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