LIVE COVID-19 – Zingaretti: “Lazio starts with the third dose”. 4,664 new infections. The Spallanzani bulletin. Garattini: “The long-term effects of the vaccine have not been seen”

LIVE COVID-19 – Zingaretti: “Lazio starts with the third dose”. 4,664 new infections. The Spallanzani bulletin. Garattini: “The long-term effects of the vaccine have not been seen”
LIVE COVID-19 – Zingaretti: “Lazio starts with the third dose”. 4,664 new infections. The Spallanzani bulletin. Garattini: “The long-term effects of the vaccine have not been seen”

The Civil Protection has disclosed the data relating to the last 24 hours. They have been identified 4,664 new positives to COVID-19, compared to 267,358 swabs. On the last day they died 34 people with Coronavirus. They decrease by one unit intensive care, -4 hospitalizations. The positivity rate is at1,7%. offers you the latest news on the epidemic LIVE.

18:19 – “Lazio starts with the third dose of vaccine. From next week we start with those who have received a transplant and who will be contacted by the regional health system. We continue to secure life and the future. “He writes about it Twitter the president of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti.

17:17 – According to bulletin today, there are 4,664 new cases of coronavirus in Italy, with a positivity rate of 1.7%. There are 34 deaths. Intensive care is increasing (+12, now 4,133) but ordinary hospitalizations are decreasing (-4, 559). The daily swabs carried out are 267,358, including rapid tests.

16:25 – About 720,000 students return to class in Lazio tomorrow. It will be the first year that is hoped entirely in presence after the two partially in dad due to Covid. Precisely to verify the progress of the infection, monitoring will begin the day after in the so-called sentinel institutes where salivary tests will be carried out. In Lazio there will be 30,000 tests and monitoring will involve about fifty schools and surveys will be carried out twice a month. Clearly, institutions across the Region will be involved

15:40 – There are 371 new cases of Covid 19 in Campania in the last 24 hours out of 18,311 tests. There are 5 deaths. Of the 656 ICU beds available, 22 are occupied; of the 3,160 hospital beds available, including those for private individuals, 341 are occupied.

13:52 – It Spallanzani of Rome has published the usual bulletin. There are 65 patients currently positive, of which 1 is about to be discharged. 15 patients are hospitalized in the ICU, while 3,128 are discharged in total.

13:25 – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will unveil its plans this week to manage the COVID-19 pandemic in the winter months, announcing the decision to eliminate the introduction of vaccine passports and to end some emergency powers. The hotly contested vaccination passport will probably not be used in England. Health Minister Sajid Javid told the Bbc that “we shouldn’t do things for the sake of it”.

12:58 – Are approximately 3,000 doctors and nurses from Lazio no vax, and of these, about a hundred have already been suspended. The latest updated data dates back to the second half of August and in the meantime someone may have changed their mind. “No vax health workers are 3% of the 100 thousand doctors, nurses and operators who work in the private and public sectors”, explained the Regional Health Councilor a few days ago. Alessio D’Amato.

12:30Students protest tomorrow, on the first day of school in most regions of Italy. In front of the Ministry of Education and more than 50 schools throughout the country and in major cities – including Rome, Palermo, Florence, Genoa, Bari, Padua – students will mobilize to denounce “the lack of certainty about returning to school, the lack of involvement in the decisions taken and the inexistence of any investment plan for the future of the new generations, starting with the NRP “. This was announced by the Student Network which has set an appointment for tomorrow in front of the ministry at 10:00.

12:03 – “Almost a year has passed since the experimentation and long-term effects have not been seen”. This is what he says in an interview with The day, the pharmacologist Silvio Garattini on the possible adverse effects of vaccines. “What we have observed in recent months, and all over the world, is that most of the adverse events arose in the short term – he underlines – for almost 80% of cases on the day of vaccination or the next day, and in any case almost totally within one week of vaccination “.

11:38 – The Bangladesh reopened schools today after a forced break of 18 months due to Coronavirus: the decision of the authorities in Dhaka follows the recent warning from Unicef ​​that the prolonged closure of schools is increasing inequalities for millions of children across Asia southern. The situation in Bangladesh, one of the countries where schools have been closed the longest, was particularly at risk since – as the association of national telecommunications operators recalled – only 41% of the 169 million inhabitants of the country own a smartphone. . Which means that millions of children have not been able to attend classes online and even with smartphones, distance learning was impossible for many of them due to the lack of broadband in rural areas.

11:13 – “It will be a special year after two difficult years that students have lived locked up in homes and forced to attend lessons at a distance due to the pandemic. A period that has seen everyone, teachers and students, engaged with courage, amid a thousand hardships, to discover a new teaching method which, however, will never compensate for the advantages of face-to-face training “. Thus, in a note, the president of the Basilicata Region Vito Bardi, on the eve of the start of the new school year in the region.

10:47 – The third dose “it will be absolutely useful to do it for all age groups, in a period of time between 6 and 12 months. The third dose in vaccinology is the rule, if it excludes vaccines based on attenuated live viruses”. Thus, in an interview with The messenger, immunologist and member of the CTS Sergio Abrignani talk about vaccines and third dose. The immunologist compares the situation in Israel with that in Italy: according to “Israel’s data, after two doses there is a lowering of efficacy, from 85-90%, to 65-70, on infection. they are always excellent levels – he underlines – We are doing the same as Israel, but three months late. We still have to finish the vaccination with two doses “. And he adds: “Let’s start with the frail, for them the third injection is not because their immunological memory is weakening, but because they do not have a sufficient response after the two doses. For all other people, the answer is there, with the time fades, with the call you make it go back high. Then we too will give the third dose to the health workers, to the eighty-year-olds, to continue, I believe, to the seventy-year-olds, to the sixty-year-olds, to go down “.

10:20 – The school year begins tomorrow in most of Italy and despite the COVID-in emergency 17 thousand classes with more than 25 pupils, in 55% of cases belonging to secondary schools. This is the alarm launched by Cittadinanzattiva asking the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, and the government to repeal the decree law 81 of 2009, the so-called Tremonti-Gelmini, which allows up to 30 pupils per class in secondary schools of I and II degree, to return to the parameters established by the fire prevention regulations (Ministerial Decree 26.08.1992) which set the maximum number at 25 students (26 with the teacher) and those of the Ministerial Decree 18/12/1975 which provides a living space per student of 1 square meters, 80 and 1.96 square meters according to the type of school.

09:52 – “We have achieved the objective of guaranteeing face-to-face lessons and the conditions are in place to continue in this direction for the rest of the school year”. The Undersecretary for Health says so, Andrea Costa that, in two interviews a The print e The Corriere della Sera, takes stock of the extension of the Green pass and vaccination obligation. Costa shares the idea of ​​extending the obligation of the green certificate to public administration employees: “It would be positive to adopt such a measure – he says – especially if there is contact with the public. And then we must give a signal of progressive return. to normality for citizens. Businesses also ask us to do so “. According to Costa “it is right to proceed gradually. The premier moves with great consistency and wisdom on a path traced from the beginning, he does not act with the Dpcm as in the past, but involving Parliament as much as possible. And they are evaluated from time to time. the framework and needs before deciding “.

09:25 – “The Green pass is essential to support the safe restart of businesses and the country. The government’s line is clear: extend its use as much as possible and complete the vaccine plan which, among other things, is going very well” . This is what the Interior Minister said in an interview with Corriere della Sera Luciana Lamorgese, on the green certificate and the protests of the No vax. “It is clear – he underlines – that the raising of the tone of the protests can favor strong tensions for public order and hostile acts even by individuals, not directly attributable to organized groups”. And then he specifies: “The galaxy of No-vax acronyms appears composite and variegated, and at the moment there are no structured contacts with extremist fringes. Certainly, in some of the protests there was a sporadic participation of members of the extreme left or of the area. anarchist as well as, especially in Rome, the radical right. On some occasions there have been evident unsuccessful attempts to fuel a violent degeneration of protest “.

09:00 – The Mexico surpassed 3.5 million total COVID-19 cases by adding 12,511 infections on the last day, bringing a total of 3,506,743 in the middle of its third wave of infections. The Mexican Ministry of Health also reported 675 new deaths for a total of 267,524 deaths. With these numbers, Mexico remains the fourth country with the highest number of deaths from COVID-19 behind the United States, Brazil and India and the fifteenth for the number of confirmed infections, according to the Johns Hopkins University tally. Mexico has been experiencing a third wave of delta-related infections for about three months. But the government said this week that the country has shot four consecutive weeks with an accelerated reduction in estimated positive COVID-19 cases. Health authorities acknowledge that, based on death certificates, the pandemic would lead to around 400,000 deaths in the country.

08:40Thirteen gorillas at the Atlanta Zoo, in the state of Georgia, have contracted the coronavirus: the zoo has made it known, reports the Guardian, according to which the animals were probably infected by a keeper. Among the sick gorillas there is also Ozzie, a 60-year-old male considered particularly at risk. In a statement posted on its website, the zoo explained that the keeper in question is vaccinated against COVID-19, is asymptomatic and wore personal protective equipment when he came into contact with the animals. In addition to gorillas, other animals will be vaccinated against COVID-19, such as orangutans, tigers and lions. Last February, the eight gorillas at the San Diego Zoo contracted COVID-19 – including a 49-year-old specimen – but recovered within weeks.

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