Vaccine, who died at 42 of aneurysm: funeral suspended. Waiting for expert reports on suspected deaths

Vaccine, who died at 42 of aneurysm: funeral suspended. Waiting for expert reports on suspected deaths
Vaccine, who died at 42 of aneurysm: funeral suspended. Waiting for expert reports on suspected deaths

Liguria. Has been for now, the funeral of Emanuele Pileggi is suspended, scheduled in the church of Santo Stefano di Lavagna. The last farewell to the Fincantieri worker at the Riva Trigoso plant, killed at the age of 42 by a cerebral aneurysm, should have taken place yesterday morning but the Genoa prosecutor’s office decided to suspend it.

The deputy prosecutor Giovanni Arena had the medical records and vaccination certificate of Pileggi delivered by Asl 4 and San Martino polyclinic. The magistrate will examine the documentation and assess whether an autopsy examination is necessary to clarify the causes of the death of the worker.

The doctors of San Martino immediately after the death (which took place last Thursday) had ruled out a correlation between the vaccine (Moderna, carried out on August 30) and death.

Meanwhile, the story of Pileggi is bounced on the “no vax” chats and on some media as an example of an unclear death which occurred temporally after the injection of an anti-covid vaccine.

By mid-September, the public prosecutor’s office in Genoa will receive the reports on abnormal deaths after the administration of doses of the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccine opened by the magistrates of the health pool. The coroner Luca Tajana and the hematologist Franco Piovella they will file the appraisals on the five cases registered in Genoa and on which inquiries have been opened.

The first dossier concerns the 32-year-old teacher Francesca Tuscano, killed by a thrombosis after the administration of the Anglo-Swedish serum. Then that of Camilla Canepa, the 18-year-old student who died in June of thrombosis after an open day: the young woman was given AstraZeneca. In the middle another three deaths of ultra-frail elderly between 70 and 80 years, who had been given both Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

It was the prosecutors themselves (Arianna Ciavattini and Stefano Puppo coordinated by the acting chief prosecutor Francesco Pinto) who asked for aaccelerated to consultants in view of the meeting on 16 September with the colleagues of 11 other Italian prosecutors and those of Eurojust. For that date, a video conference meeting is planned to bring together all recorded deaths with possible links to vaccines and develop a plan of common investigative strategies.

In the case of Camilla Canepa it is very likely that the doctors of the Lavagna hospital will be investigated. The girl came to the small hospital on June 3 with a severe headache, photosensitivity and thrombocytopenia. She had been given a non-contrasting CT scan and was discharged the next day. On the 5th she was hospitalized again but her condition appeared dramatic. She was transferred to the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa and had undergone a double operation to remove thrombi and reduce cranial pressure but after a few days the student was declared brain dead.


Vaccine died aneurysm funeral suspended Waiting expert reports suspected deaths

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