Ski, Brignone in defense of the glaciers: “In Italy they retreat tens of meters every year”

Ski, Brignone in defense of the glaciers: “In Italy they retreat tens of meters every year”
Ski, Brignone in defense of the glaciers: “In Italy they retreat tens of meters every year”
For her environmental campaigns she plunged into the sea with skis and boots on, drinking liters of water. He simulated the sensation of a fish drowned in plastic, floating in a pool full of bottles. Federica Brignone did not go through a good season after winning the overall World Cup in 2020, but on the environmental front she is always in the front row. His campaign is called “Liquid Trajectories”, and after several steps it has now reached the fourth phase. The issues that are most at heart are the pollution of water in all its forms, and the melting of glaciers.

“Glaciers retreat tens of meters”

“As a sportswoman, working on snow, I feel the connection with this element and of course with water is very strong; snow is water in a solid state “his words.” Climate change is endangering most of the glaciers in Italy, which each year retreat tens of meters “. In June 2020, after winning the cup, Federica climbed to the Stelvio on the Forni glacier, the second largest in Italy: in 1800 it covered an area of ​​20 square kilometers, in the span of a century it lost half of its surface . “The temperatures have risen by more than a degree” explains glaciologist Giuseppe Cola, “instead of snowing, it is now raining. At a speed of one hundred meters a year, the glacier front has increasingly narrowed and thinned until it finally collapsed with the decomposition of its lower wall. The situation is dramatic both for the ever higher temperatures caused by greenhouse gases and for the darkening, the darkening due to industrial pollution, soot from fires, debris, dust and plastic, for which reflect the sun’s radiation less “.

The photo of the glaciologist

Cola himself immortalized Federica Brignone. “Giuseppe’s shot portrays me on this beautiful and poignant glacier, with a white dress made of waste material, a tricolor cloak and the World Cup hoisted from my hand. A shape that can recall the Statue of Liberty: I have won and realized the dream of my life and, through this trophy, I want to attract even more people’s attention to the problem of the environment ”.

The other campaigns

In the summer of 2017 Federica Brignone immersed herself in the Sicilian waters of Lipari in a racing outfit (with skis, helmet,
boots and sticks) to tell about his connection with the sea. In 2018 it dived again to document how pollution due to the presence of plastic in the seas is seriously endangering marine flora and fauna. In the summer of 2019 another dive, this time in the waters of Lake Garda where, with the help of some experienced divers, she went to collect abandoned objects such as plastic bottles, cans and bags, delivering them to the children who were waiting for her on the boat , an educational gesture for the new generations. Finally, in June 2020, the cleaning of the finish area of ​​the Bormio 2000 slope, collecting waste and various waste abandoned in winter. The shared mission between Federica and the Celli Group is to implement a cultural conversion of consumption, to restore water to its best nature: respected, controlled, zero km, without waste. For example, through containers (such as the Acqua Alma Smart Bottle) that avoid using single-use bottles and containers that now suffocate the seas and pollute the mountains.

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