from Termini to the Fori a pedestrian path all with obstacles – Time

from Termini to the Fori a pedestrian path all with obstacles – Time
from Termini to the Fori a pedestrian path all with obstacles – Time

Alessio Buzzelli

September 12, 2021

Yesterday, Saturday 10 September, the experimentation of the new pedestrian route that connects Termini Station to the archaeological area of ​​Via dei Fori Imperiali officially began, an initiative that has divided the Romans in two since its announcement. Beyond how you might think about it, we de The weather we immediately put it to the test to get a concrete idea without prejudice about this new experiment. Well, as often happens in Rome, the final judgment can be summed up with the classic formula “more lights than shadows”: bad at the beginning, better at the end.

Also because the problems started even before taking the first steps, when we started looking for the starting point of the path. On the “Romamobilitält” website we read that «the route of the new Termini-Fori itinerary starts from the information box in Piazza dei Cinquecento, on the Servian Wall side, where the route maps are distributed». The fact is that we have not found this information box, despite the exhausting searches. In the point indicated on the map present on the many orange totems that clearly indicate the route (positive note this), in fact, there were only two gazebos: one of the Red Cross and one of the Army. We then asked around if by chance anyone had seen this information point, but nothing. We then hung up on the phone by calling 060606, but even in this case, nothing to do: the switchboard guys had no news about the initiative and one of them even asked us if the information we were looking for was for the Jubilee of the 2015 (then immediately correcting himself with an “ah no, sorry, that’s the stuff of 6 years ago ..”).

We make a last attempt with the Roma Capitale info point near the Einaudi Gardens, even this empty. Okay, let’s throw in the towel, download the map from the Roma Mobilità site and start: Terme di Diocleziano and via del Viminale, then down along via Agostino Depretis, via Urbana and via Leonina and finally via dei Fori Imperiali. The time to cross the road, however, and immediately another discordant note. The sidewalk of the Terme is – as for years now – literally an “en plein air” bivouac: people sleeping on the flower beds, dozens of bottles of beer and various garbage, an unbearable stench of urine. In short, the walk starts off on the wrong foot and continues like this for some time. Yes, because continuing from via del Viminale to via Urbana, we soon realize that there is nothing pedestrian there.

The cars go by as if nothing had happened, so much so that we begin to think we have the wrong day. But this is not the case, and once we arrive in via Urbana we understand why: the two agents in charge of guarding near the barriers that close the road explain to us that “the route from Termini up to here is not guarded, it would be the good heart of the motorist not to travel those roads (even if there are no indications on the matter, ed). Let’s say that it is better to pass on the sidewalk ». Sara.

However, from here on the path proceeds quite smoothly, except for two horrendous orange nets that bar via Urbana in two points (at street number 47) and various construction site residues thrown on the ground a little further on. This is why in our opinion it is only in via dei Fori that the itinerary really hits the goal for which it was conceived: so many people walking, bikes, scooters, kids taking photos sitting in the middle of the road and, around, the greatness From Rome. We hope that soon the rest of the route will be up to this last, beautiful part. We are only at the beginning and there is certainly no shortage of time.

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