Comunali in Latina, the senator: “I had my 3 twins nominated, what’s wrong with that?”

Comunali in Latina, the senator: “I had my 3 twins nominated, what’s wrong with that?”
Comunali in Latina, the senator: “I had my 3 twins nominated, what’s wrong with that?”

Candidate all your children in the party of which you are at the top is possible. In view of the administrative elections in October, in Latina, Senator Marinella Pacifico, former 5 Star Movement passed to the party of Giovanni Toti, of which she is number two in Lazio and responsible in the Pontine territory, did so. On the Cambiamo! List, part of the center-right coalition in support of the mayoral candidate Vincenzo Zaccheo, there are the three twins of the parliamentarian, Maria Carla, Maria Pia and Maria Sole Faugno, who thus aspire to three places as city councilor.

Municipal, in Latina the list of relatives. Senator No Vax nominates her three twin daughters

by Clemente Pistilli

11 September 2021

Senator Pacifico, why did you get all your daughters nominated?
“They are three girls who carry out a highly qualified profession, who together with other candidate boys deal with youth policies and have the aim of making a contribution to the cultural and professional growth of the city. Instead of looking at the fact that they are my daughters look at their profiles: one is a construction engineer, the other a doctor specializing in diagnostics and radiology and the third a molecular biologist “.

Did they ask them to apply or did you propose the candidacy?
“Can I ever force them? They are 27 and it was their choice. They breathe social problems.”

Doesn’t having three daughters on the list of the party you coordinate create any embarrassment?
“What’s the problem? They are Italian citizens. They have the desire to make themselves available to the city and I don’t understand why they shouldn’t have this opportunity. There are many children of politicians who have done and are involved in politics”.

With Cambiamo !, a young party, what result do you expect?
“I work for the social, in this party I have such an opportunity and that is what I will do, giving incentives
the services that are lacking in Latina, from the judicial citadel to tourism suited to citizens’ expectations, up to another clinical center “.

She entered politics with the 5S and then joined Cambiamo !, now supporting the center-right coalition. They are different realities.
“The first Conte government was formed by M5S and Lega. We can work together. I strongly wanted the candidacy of Mr Zaccheo, because I consider him the best profile to get the city out of immobility”.

Yes to vaccines and Green Pass?
“Anything that is done for health safety is fine for me. I’m not a No Vax.”

There are controversies about the posts No Vax in which he defines Saviano as a Freemason and Boldrini as a Zionist.
“They were black posts. My political activity is transparent. If these are the only criticisms of me, it means that I am a perfect politician.”

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