Male and female sexual fantasies, here are the main differences

Male and female sexual fantasies, here are the main differences
Male and female sexual fantasies, here are the main differences

Sexual fantasies are the key to rekindling the passion in the couple. Men and women have different sexual fantasies, here are the main differences.

Sexual fantasies help improve the relationship, add that bit of magic that makes your relationship more authentic. Talking about their fantasies and experiencing them, within the limits of their tolerance, helps the couple to go beyond the routine and makes them more complicit. Men and women have different fantasies regardless of their sexual orientation. Today we reveal the most common fantasies.

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When the couple goes through a period of decreased desire, the reason could be related to the routine. The feeling should be in motion, the couple should take care to rekindle the flame of passion every day and use all the tricks available, including fantasy.

Fantasy is a weapon that we often underestimate and yet it has the power to transport us to distant worlds and to make us live the thrill of experiences that in real life we ​​would not tolerate, for example a threesome. Imagination can make a fantasy very realistic and inspiring.

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Sexual fantasies, the key to reviving passion, differences between man and woman

Exist substantial differences between men and women also in terms of erotic fantasies. Each of us is excited about our sexual fantasies, finding out which ones are those of our partner and revealing ours is the first thing to do, but be careful not to judge. Have one very transgressive fantasy nThis is not a cause for concern, furthermore you should not feel obliged to please your partner if they are very pushed, in the sense that the fantasy being such can be made even partially real. Inventing a situation, using words, creating an atmosphere, describing the situation in detail can make the fantasy very realistic, even if it is not real.

If one of your fantasies is of have a three-way meeting, ask him to close his eyes and tell him that the third person is walking through the door and during the act let him understand how this person is participating.

Sexual fantasies are part of a healthy sex life and every human being has them even if they decide not to confess them. Every fantasy comes from an inspiration, a film, a book, a song .. indulging them facilitates the pleasure. Find out what your partner’s fantasies are, make love on the street under the eyes of passersby, use whips or handcuffs, try to understand his sources of attraction.

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We have found that male and female fantasies are different. Here’s what men would like to experience and what women fantasize about according to relationship psychologist Silvia Sanz, author of the book ‘Sexamor’.


The subject of male and female sexual fantasy seems not to be the same, according to the conclusions of the various studies women would tend to fantasize about known people, from the present or from the past while men would be more attracted to the unknown.

According to Dr. Sanz, the place where love is made is relevant in female fantasies. Among the most common fantasies are places where you can make love where strangers can watch, and places of imprisonment where you are forced into prostitution and have lesbian relationships. Even if the fantasy has a romantic rather than a transgressive matrix, the chosen place has a strong erotic value.

Men, on the other hand, fantasize about taking the initiative, “in the most unusual places like an elevator, the office or in the bathroom of a bar,” says the expert sexologist.

According to the expert: “The give, within their fantasies they tend to choose passive roles “ therefore women can find satisfaction in being spanked, or forced to do oral practices or perform while engaging in self-eroticism.

The men instead they are very attracted to the idea of trio, of the anal intercourse and the idea of ​​domination. Men love to dominate but also to be dominated by a woman.

Another difference regarding sexual fantasies lies in the approach. Women are more talkative, descriptive, in their fantasy there is a story comparable to one sexy comedy. Women are guided by the senses and to stimulate them you can use hearing, smell, touch.

Men are more action-oriented, they go straight to the point, without too many words, as in the case of a porn movies.

The couple should exploit sexual fantasies, embrace them and explore them, without prejudice or fear, because they are part of each of us.

It is an erotic resource of great value, an ace in the hole to be exploited at will depending on the mood, ranging from the most perverse to the most innocent situations. Finally, the expert remembers that in love there are no rules. “Let your imagination fly free “ is the basic concept that transpires in his work ‘Sexamor’ where he tries to reveal all the secrets of love.

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