MotoGP / A downsized Marquez – Moto

MotoGP / A downsized Marquez – Moto
MotoGP / A downsized Marquez – Moto

I don’t know if I’ll go back to being the Marquez I was“, The Spaniard confessed at the weekend of the Aragon GP, ​​a track that has seen him win five times in the past:”I saw a video of how I was approaching the first corner at Motorland, with the bike sliding from side to side and I was able to enter the corner anyway. Now I can’t do such a thing“, Admitted the 28 year old Honda centaur. The doubt that accompanies Marquez is the same one that has traveled and runs through the thoughts of fans and professionals, who wonder if they will ever see the ’93’ again at pre-injury levels to the right humerus. “Ma the magic is still there. It was in the PL1 of Portimao or in the first lap of Assen. And for the whole Sachsenring match. The magic will return, now I can do certain things with the dropper and I wish they could be more frequent“, Explained Marc Marquez to his compatriots from As.

The idea of ​​a less ‘cannibal’ Marquez than in the past is precisely antithetical to the Catalan’s way of running: “I could content with being a different Marc, but fighting for the title. Or a different Marc anyway, but who can ride the bike as he wants. And that would mean fighting for the positions that matter. Now I can’t drive the way I want. In one corner I succeed, in the next I cannot. And I don’t like to talk about these things a lot, because I’ve always avoided complaining about my physical condition in the past. But now the problem is so big that I can’t hide it and I have to be realistic“.

The six-time world champion in the MotoGP class does not intend to give up an inch, and wants to fight with all his might: “I will never be a conservative Marc. Maybe I don’t ride exactly like I used to, but with certain types of bikes – cross or flat track – I can ride exactly how I want and I’m back to being as fast as I was before.“, Added Marquez, who will have to wait for his body to heal from its wounds:”There is a time to adapt and the bone has not yet bonded 100%“.
I will try to be champion again with all my strength. If I’m here with a Honda polo and cap, I think I can do it, otherwise I’d stay at home“, Finally reassured the champion from Cervera.

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MotoGP downsized Marquez Moto

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