School, transport under accusation: “Everything like last year”

School, transport under accusation: “Everything like last year”
School, transport under accusation: “Everything like last year”

CREMONA – Staggered admissions only tomorrow, first day of school, and not everywhere, but then a single turn of entry for all high school students. With the notice sent, however, to the principals by the managing director of the Territorial Scholastic Office of Cremona, Franco Gallo, to have plan B ready with staggered entrances in case of difficulty for the pupils to reach the institutes on time. In fact, public transport is under accusation, which school leaders point out angrily after a year and a half of pandemic has failed to organize itself.

And with the novelty introduced by the decree on Friday, but which entered into force as early as yesterday, of Green pass mandatory for anyone entering the school, including parents. News of the last minute that forced the principal of Itis Torriani, Roberta Mozzi to move to a later date the traditional reception in the Aula Magna of new students and parents which, like every year, was scheduled for the first classes and had been set for tomorrow. A note from the school warns that «the reception activities of the parents of the first classes of Torriani are suspended. Parents are therefore advised not to go to school ”.

On Monday, the green pass control system for teachers on the Ministry platform should also come into operation. Teachers will not have to show the QR-code from time to time, but the school will access the platform and, on a daily basis, check the validity of the document. «However – explains Mozzi – for not knowing how to read or write, I organized myself with four control stations at the entrances for staff and our 190 teachers. However we are ready. The timetable in the first week will be from 8 to 12. Only the first will start at 8.30 to avoid crowds. Then from the following Monday the full timetable comes into effect. Let’s start with the single entry shift and we’ll see how it will proceed in the first few days. We will collect the data and pass it on to the local transport agency».

The sore point is public transport: after a year and a half not much has changed. We are very angry

The return to class, in fact, tomorrow will be in the presence of 100% of the students, but public transport can only fill the buses to 80%. Hence the need to think about double runs to bring the remaining 20% ​​of students to school. This should lead to imagining double entrances to the school. But this will not be the case for now, at least initially: at the territorial school-transport coordination table, in fact, the principals have obtained one 15-day trial with single entry. «The sore point – explains Mozzi – is public transport: after a year and a half not much has changed. Yet we have been sending data and forecasts since last year. There was also a lack of planning and dialogue: they had a year and a half to tackle the problem and nothing was done. Angry? We are very angry ».

At Liceo Manin, lessons begin tomorrow at different times and all end at 12.00. The full schedule will then come into effect from Monday 20.. «At the school-transport table – explains the principal Maria Grazia Nolli we pointed out the inconvenience of a possible staggered entry for those who then have to go home and do not live in Cremona. Of course, if there are reports of inconveniences in the possibility of using public transport, we will be forced to activate the plan of staggered entrances. Yet we have involved families, collecting data on the origin of our pupils and the means of transport used. We then sent them to the Tpl agency which never used them. And there is no transport plan ».

On the same key beats the principal of the Aselli high school, Alberto Ferrari: «We start with the usual enthusiasm, but also with doubts and uncertainties. The transport issue is a completely unresolved issue and in a year and a half little or nothing has been done. We are worried that there will be a double entry shift. We have students who come from afar, from Soncino, Busseto, Bozzolo: if they enter school later then they arrive home later. After the very first phase, the problems that could have been tackled in a year and a half will emerge. Yet we asked the TPL agency which are the ‘routes’ most in difficulty, but we have not received any response “. At Aselli the opening hours of the first week 8-12 for all classes and the full timetable comes into effect from the 20th. Only tomorrow there will be a staggered welcome to greet the pupils of the first classes.

All’Einaudi tomorrow the entrance will be staggered only for the first to allow the welcome of new students and a sort of guided tour of the school in safety. «All the other classes – explains the principal Nicoletta Ferrari – they will work from 8 to 11.50. And on Wednesday the full schedule will come into effect 8-13.50. From October then the afternoons will start again. We are ready. We hope for everyone’s cooperation because safety is important and so is the right to education ».

Everything is ready even in middle school. At the Virgilio the entrance to the school will take place from four different entrances and following separate paths. Pupils with classes on the second floor will enter from 7.50 to 7.54 and those on the first floor from 7.55 to 8. “To inform families – explains the principal Daniela Marzani – we have dedicated a special section of the site to all the news . We are ready for the latest news, the control of the Green pass for everyone, including parents ».

Meanwhile, Trenord announces that it has planned one million and 27 thousand seats on the entire network for the return of students to school, about 20 thousand more than in 2019. Overall, over 2,150 train rides will be made; automotive reinforcement links will be provided; in strategic stations additional buses will be available, ready in case of need. The access limit to 80% of the total capacity remains in force on the vehicles. Passengers are asked to occupy their seats as a priority; once they are all used, it is possible to stand in the corridors and vestibules, keeping the distance and leaving free the passage for the ascent and descent.

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