Draghi pushes on beach bidding and Green Pass. Lega Wall

Draghi pushes on beach bidding and Green Pass. Lega Wall
Draghi pushes on beach bidding and Green Pass. Lega Wall

The extension of the obligation of the Green pass, starting with public employees, and the law on competition, with the tender also for the concessions of bathing establishments and street vendors. These are the next steps that Mario Draghi is working on, in the wake of the road map drawn and which aims at incisive interventions. But Matteo Salvini already threatens to get in the way, he is alarmed by the first rumors about the breaking of the “Bolkestein” taboo, with the competitions for beaches and stalls: “opposition to the bitter end”, he announces, and at the same time “barricades” against exceeding the quota 100 on pensions.

It is not excluded that next week the obligation of the Green pass will be extended to all workers, public and private, but Undersecretary Roberto Garofoli is leading the work of in-depth study, including legal on the subject, at Palazzo Chigi, collecting the observations of trade unions and companies, because the imposition of a generalized obligation presents several problematic aspects. A point will be made at the beginning of the week, then in the middle of the week the control room could meet to make decisions. But it is likely today that we will proceed step by step and on Thursday in the CDM there will be the obligation of a Green pass for public employees and for the sectors, from catering to gyms, in which there is an obligation to pass for customers.

Against these measures the most critical wing of the League could return to make itself heard in Parliament, in the votes on the first Green pass decree in the Senate and on the second dl, the one concerning schools and transport, in the Chamber. But the government has the ‘Northern party’ and the most governmental wing on its side, as evidenced by an interview by Luca Zaia in Corriere della Sera. “Salvini think what he wants but the way is drawn,” says Health Minister Roberto Speranza, returning to evoke the obligation to vaccinate. “The point of balance is Draghi and he has the last word”, declares Giancarlo Giorgetti. But he adds, defending the secretary’s line of attack with pragmatism, that “by pressing you win the games”. The hottest front could soon shift to the competition, the law expected in July and then announced by Draghi for September, which is part of the “enabling” reforms of the Recovery plan. The League has sent to Palazzo Chigi the hope to postpone it for a few weeks, to avoid the impact of the provision on the administrative offices. But the government observed that the measure is part of the PNRR road map and we cannot stop for electoral reasons. So it is not excluded that the law will go to the CDM next week.

Certainly, government sources assure, the Prime Minister, after having acknowledged the indications of the Antitrust, wants an incisive intervention, which includes the two themes of bathing establishments and street vendors who have been subject to European infringement procedures for years. It would be working on bidding, but taking into account the need to reconcile some aspects that concern small dealers, with social protection clauses and the provision of preferential lanes for those who hold a long-term license. Will it be enough for Salvini? Not from the first statements: the Northern League leader accuses the Democratic Party of the attempt to ‘blitz’ to “sell off the beaches, the concessions but the League will oppose it, everywhere and in any case”. While Maurizio Gasparri, from FI, turns to “some professor-consultants” of Palazzo Chigi, stating that the “hostile rules” will not pass.

But the issue is on the table and, according to the Democratic Party, the outcry has for now only an electoral flavor. To settle the problem, a political table will probably be needed, also because there are equally thorny electorally issues on the table such as the competition for local public services that administrations often prefer to manage in house, but also concessions for dams, which are of particular interest. the Northern regions led by the Northern League. All politics is also the ongoing discussion on the tax delegation, expected by the end of the month together with the update note to the Def, and which will initiate an intervention in several steps of tax reform. The starting idea would be to allocate the unlimited resources of this year – about 3 billion – to overcome the Irap, the regional tax on productive activities. But even on this issue, those from the left are promising to fight for the funds to be allocated again to cutting taxes on labor.

Finally, quota 100. The Democratic Party is in favor of overcoming the early retirement mechanism and focusing on an intervention that looks at strenuous jobs. Salvini announces barricades. There will be a bridging intervention, leaked from the government, but the discussion is all open. To Draghi the task of unraveling the skein.

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