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12 September 2021 08:04

Priority will be given to those categories that have more contact with the public. Minister Speranza: the government will make its decisions “in the exclusive interest of the country”

They are not all irreducible no vax. But when there are 20 days left until the end of September, the date by which, according to the government, 80% of the population over 12 years old should be immunized, there are still over ten million Italians who have not even had a dose of vaccine. and they have no protection against Covid. Too many, according to the health ministry and the government.

The next two weeks will therefore be crucial to try to recover as much of it as possible and undermine that “hard core” that still keeps away from vaccines nine months after the start of the campaign. Without excluding the last move, the introduction of the vaccination obligation, following the same path that was taken with the green pass: proceed by step and give priority to those categories that have more contact with the public. It is therefore no coincidence that the emergency commissioner Francesco Figliuolo, on his last visit to Piacenza two days ago, renewed the invitation to come to the hubs, to family doctors or to the pharmacy to make the first dose: “there there are still too many people hesitating about the vaccine “.

The same Minister of Health Roberto Speranza stresses that “there is no magic number “ to be achieved but at the same time reiterates that the government will evaluate a series of factors – the percentage of vaccinated, the effect of the reopening of schools and the resumption of activities, the framework of variants – and on the basis of those it will make its decisions “in exclusive interest of the country “.


hypothesis step obligation

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