Naples, murder at the market: 20 gunshots exploded

Naples, murder at the market: 20 gunshots exploded
Naples, murder at the market: 20 gunshots exploded

twelve o’clock, September 11, 2021 – 5:32 pm

Reached by the assassins in the early afternoon, the convicted Salvatore Astuto, 57, murdered in front of a recreational club

About 20 gunshots were fired this afternoon in the historic center of Naples against Salvatore Astuto, a 47-year-old offender. The ambush in vico Fico al Mercato, Lavinaio area. Cunning died under the blows of hit men at about 3.45 pm while playing cards at the door of a recreational club. The area where the murder took place was beaten at that time also by the numerous tourists reappearing in the city. The carabinieri are analyzing the images of the surveillance cameras in the area and collecting testimonies from those present. At least two guns used by the hit men, perhaps a machine gun. The investigations are coordinated by the Carabinieri of the Compagnia Stella.

Astute considered contiguous to the Mazzarella clan, which in the Market area contends for the territory with the Rinaldi clan. The murder could be linked to the twenty-year Camorra feud between the two gangs for the division of criminal affairs.

Camorra without brakes, does not hesitate to shoot in broad daylight among the people, the comment of the regional councilor of the Verdi Europe Francesco Borrelli. The umpteenth street execution smacks of a challenge to the state. The truth is that in different areas of the city the clans are returning to dominate without fear of the presence of the police. Only three months ago, in the Spanish Quarters, two innocent workers were hit by bullets from an “spread”, again in broad daylight. Urgent measures are needed to stem this drift of blind violence that daily jeopardizes the lives of honest citizens who have only the misfortune of walking in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In Torre Annunziata, on the other hand, a 57-year-old offender, considered close to the Gionta clan, was wounded in the legs this evening with two gunshots. The man admitted to the Castellammare hospital. Investigate the police.

11 September 2021 | 17:32



Naples murder market gunshots exploded

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