Alitalia, dialogue on redundancies reopened

Alitalia, dialogue on redundancies reopened
Alitalia, dialogue on redundancies reopened

Ita takes a step towards take-off and reopens the discussion with the trade unions on the employment contract for the personnel to be hired in the new public company, which will fly in place of Alitalia from 15 October. On the day the EU Commission made official that “there is economic discontinuity between Alitalia and Ita”, political (especially Pd and M5S) and trade union pressures led to a reopening of dialogue with the company, which was interrupted on 8 September .

“We have received assurances from Ita that, in the coming days, it will convene the unions again, on the basis of the texts distributed, to continue the discussions regarding the recruitment of new staff”, said the Deputy Minister of Economy, Laura Castelli (M5S ), at the end of the meeting with Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl, Uiltrasporti and Ugl. There were no sailors.


The convocation of the trade unions at the Mef came in the morning, while Alitalia workers demonstrated in Piazza San Silvestro in Rome. A group challenged the former Minister of Economy Roberto Gualtieri, Rome’s candidate for mayor of the Democratic Party, shouting: “Buffoon, buffoon, go away”. “It was just a small group of people from Power to the people and the Cobas,” noted Gualtieri.

The problems to be solved

The nodes are the redundancies (Ita will hire 2,800 people, Alitalia has more than 10 thousand employees) and the contract. Ita has proposed lower salaries, according to the trade unions for sailors the cut will be 40-50%, with lower wages than Ryanair. “We represented the need to reopen the negotiation table with Ita, but in a real context of discussion and which provides for the gradual reabsorption of Alitalia personnel and shared contractual conditions for Ita employees,” said the unions. “The Mef has taken steps to start two discussion tables at Ita and at the Ministry of Labor, which will be held starting from the first days of next week”. According to Castelli, at the ministry of Andrea Orlando there will be a debate “on social safety nets for Alitalia employees”.

Eng: for Altavilla the objectives do not change

From Ita there have been no comments. For the operational president, Alfredo Altavilla, the objectives do not change. If the unions do not accept the company’s proposals, it intends to recruit on the basis of a unilateral “company regulation”, without a shared collective agreement. For Ita, the “economic fundamentals” of the industrial plan must not change.

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